What does put me off mean?

B2. to make someone dislike something or someone, or to discourage someone from doing something: The smell of hospitals always puts me off.

What it means to put off?

delay doing
1. phrasal verb. If you put something off, you delay doing it.

How do you say put off?

put off

  1. defer,
  2. delay,
  3. hold off (on),
  4. hold over,
  5. hold up,
  6. lay over,
  7. postpone,
  8. put over,

What is the opposite of put off?

Opposite of to postpone or assign to a later time or date. accomplish. achieve. continue. do.

What are antonyms for put off?

antonyms for put off

  • carry out.
  • continue.
  • do.
  • accomplish.
  • achieve.
  • succeed.

What’s the opposite of put off?

Antonyms for put off. don, put on, slip (into), throw (on)

What is another word for putting off?

Definition. to postpone. The Association has put the event off until December. Synonyms. postpone.

What does ‘you just turned me off’ mean?

What does turn off expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. It’s a big turn-off when a guy just talks about himself. See also: off, turn.

What does write me off mean?

write someone or something off The company wrote off the electric automobile as a dependable means of transportation. He would never work out. We wrote him off. 2. . to give up on someone or something as a dead loss, waste of time, hopeless case, etc. Don’t write me off as a has-been.

What does ‘I Let It Roll Off Me’ Mean?

it’s a saying like f your boyfriend broke up with you some one would say ”Let it roll right off your shoulder” like don’t worry about forget about it and forget him. Basically it means don’t worry about it don’t get al stressed out. Basically don’t let it be a burden. Omg…. It means just let it go…..Forget about it forget about it, let it go.

What does take me off mean?

take off 1. verbLiterally, to physically remove something or someone from someone, oneself, or something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between “take” and “off.” He took off his shoes before entering the house. Someone has taken the picture off the wall. The police began taking passengers off the airplane. 2.