How do you use Mr metallic color GX?

Apply 1 to 2 coats if painting with a paint brush or 2 to 3 coats if airbrushing. After applying a coat, let it dry for a few hours. After the first coat is completely dry, apply a second coat.

Does Mr metallic color need thinner?

THERE IS NO NEED TO THIN Mr. METAL COLOR. This paint can be applied directly to both painted and non-painted surfaces. For a deeper metallic finish, apply this paint on a black or dark colored base.

What kind of paint is Mr. COLOR Gundam color?

SOLVENT-BASED ACRYLIC PAINT Mr. COLOR has long been regarded highly by modellers worldwide as a model paint that delivers an outstanding finish. Wide range of colors are available, and these are suitable for military tanks, aircrafts, car models, robot models, and many more.

Is Mr. COLOR a lacquer?

Mr Hobby paints are widely seen as the best acrylic paints on the market with a wide range of colours, in both water based ( Mr Hobby ) and lacquer ( Mr Color ) types.

How do you use Mr. COLOR thinner?

Mixing Mr. LEVELING THINNER into Mr. COLOR at a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 improves coat leveling and increases shine. When drying is slow because of insufficient air current during winter months, it is best to mix Mr.

How do you use MR crystal color?

Prepare the base before applying Mr. CRYSTAL COLOR. After drying the base color, apply 1 to 2 coats if painting with a paint brush or 2 to 3 coats if airbrushing. Let each coat dry for few hours.

Is Mr color GX lacquer?

SUPER SMOOTH CLEAR is a new clear flat coating lacquer developed with a concept which is “Make a coated film with clear flat be smoother!” Thanks to containing fluororesin, this is able to coat smoother than the original one does.

Is Mr color an enamel or lacquer?

Mr Hobby’s paints find wide-ranging use in acrylic application, in various colours both water and lacquer ( Mr Color is a lacquer-based. There are several advantages to each of them. Paint that has almost no dry point and is perfect to use when working with airbrush tools.

Is Mr metal color acrylic or lacquer?

Mr Metal Color is a lacquer based metalizer. Which can be brush painted or airbrushed, use Mr Color or Mr Rapid thinner for thinning (Do not us levelling thinner as the decreased drying time will allow the metal particles to sink to the bottom creating a duller finish.)

Can you airbrush with metallic paint?

Basically, you can use almost any paint in your airbrush as long as it is consistent with skim milk or thinner, and there are no large particles in the paint that could cause the airbrush to clog. Beware of metallics. The first thing you should do after using your airbrush is to clean it out. Never let paint dry on it.