Who is Lincoln Diaz Balart?

Lincoln Rafael Díaz-Balart (born Lincoln Rafael Díaz-Balart y Caballero; August 13, 1954) is a Cuban-American attorney and politician. He was the U.S. representative for Florida’s 21st congressional district from 1993 to 2011. He previously served in the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate.

Is Jose Diaz Balart related to a congressman?

He is the son of Rafael Díaz-Balart y Gutiérrez (a former Cuban politician) and Hilda Caballero Brunet. He has three brothers: Rafael Díaz-Balart (a banker), Mario Díaz-Balart (a U.S. representative) and Lincoln Díaz-Balart (a former U.S. representative).

Who is the congressman for Miami-Dade County?

Florida’s 27th congressional district
Representative Maria Elvira Salazar R–Miami
Area 344 sq mi (890 km2)
Distribution 99.98% urban 0.02% rural
Population (2019) 750,653

Are Mario and Jose Diaz-Balart related?

His uncle is the Cuban-Spanish painter Waldo Díaz-Balart. His brother Lincoln Díaz-Balart represented Florida’s 21st District from 1993 to 2011. He has two other brothers, José Díaz-Balart, a journalist, and Rafael Díaz-Balart, a banker.

Who anchors NBC weekend?

Jose Diaz-Balart

NBC Nightly News
Created by Reuven Frank
Directed by Christian Alicea Susan King
Presented by Weekdays: Lester Holt (2015–present) Saturdays: Jose Diaz-Balart (2016–present) Sundays: Kate Snow (2015–present) (for former anchors, see section)
Narrated by Bill Hanrahan Howard Reig Michael Douglas Bill Wolff

Who is Mario Caballero Díaz Balart?

Mario Rafael Caballero Díaz-Balart ( / bəˈlɑːrt /; born September 25, 1961) is a Republican U.S. Representative for Florida’s 25th congressional district. He was elected in 2002, and his current district includes much of southwestern Miami-Dade County, including the city of Hialeah, and much of the northern portion of the Everglades.

What is Mario Diaz-Balart doing to help the Cuban people?

– Today, Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) led a letter to President Biden, urging that he take decisive and expeditious action to support the Cuban people in their demands for freedom in the wake of the regime’s increasing repression leading up to the planned protests on November 15.

What district is Bart Díaz Balart in?

On February 11, 2010, Díaz-Balart announced his intention to seek election in Florida’s 21st congressional district —being vacated by his brother, Rep. Lincoln Díaz-Balart —rather than the 25th district. Unlike the 25th, the 21st has long been considered the most Republican district in the Miami area.

How old is Eduardo Díaz Balart?

Díaz-Balart was born in 1961 in Fort Lauderdale, to Cuban parents, the late Cuban politician Rafael Díaz-Balart, and his wife, Hilda Caballero Brunet. He is a member of the Díaz-Balart family: His aunt, Mirta Díaz-Balart, was the first wife of Fidel Castro.