What is the weight of a genie 5519?

Genie GTH-5519 Telescopic Forklift 19′ 5,500 lbs.

Specifications: Genie GTH-5519 Telehandler
Measurements U.S. Metric
Weight* 10,000 lbs. 4,536 kg
Standards Compliance ASME B 56.6, ISO 3471, ISO 3449

How much does a Genie telehandler weigh?

17,600 lbs
The Genie GTH-636 rough terrain telehandler is a machine with full-sized performance at the right-sized price. The 36 ft. (10.97 m) maximum lift height and 6,000 lbs….

Maximum lift height 36 ft (10.97 m)
Maximum lift capacity 6,000 lbs (2,722 kg)
Weight* 17,600 lbs (7,983 kg)

Who makes the Genie telehandler?

Genie is an American company owned by Terex which manufactures work lifts and platforms used in construction, maintenance, warehouse stocking, and equipment installation. Founded in 1966 by Bud Bushnell, the company operated independently until acquired by Terex in 2002.

What does a 6036 skytrak weigh?

21300 lb
BIM Files

Operating Vehicle Weight 21300 lb / 9661.52 kg
Transmission – Nr Forward Gears Standard 4
Transmission – Nr Reverse Gears 3
Transmission Type Powershift

How much do telehandlers weigh?

capacity telehandler will weigh about 27,000 lbs. – add in the load weight and you could easily have 35,000 lbs. in motion. To put that amount of weight in perspective, a Toyota Camry weighs about 3,200 lbs., so a loaded telehandler can easily be 10 times the weight of a sedan.

How much does a 12k telehandler weight?

Key Specs

Lift Capacity 12,000 lb
Lift Height 55 ft
Max Speed 20 mph
Outside Turning Radius 14 ft 6 in
Operating Weight 35,860 lb

Is a telehandler a zoom boom?

A telescopic handler, also called a lull, telehandler, teleporter, reach forklift, or zoom boom, is a machine widely used in agriculture and industry.

Are Genie telehandlers good?

Genie™ Telehandlers Available in six models, these telehandlers offer excellent productivity on jobsites ranging from new construction of multi-story buildings to masonry. Powerful features such as four-wheel drive and a turbocharged diesel engine provide reliable performance in the most rugged conditions.

Why choose the Genie®GTH™-5519 compact telehandler?

The Genie®GTH™-5519 compact telehandler is the perfect choice for tasks both large and small. Easy to maneuver and transport, and convenient to service, it meets the needs of most construction, masonry, landscape and agricultural applications.

Who makes Terex Cranes?

Terex manufacturers, Tower Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes and Pick and carry cranes by Franna The Terex All Terrain Crane line rebranded as Demag was acquired by Tadano… Show More Terex manufacturers, Tower Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes and Pick and carry cranes by Franna The Terex All Terrain Crane line rebranded as Demag was acquired by Tadano

Why rent a Terex tower crane?

Self-erecting, hammerhead, flat top or luffing jib model tower cranes come in a wide range of sizes and lifting capacities to ensure the next Terex tower crane you select for your crane rental fleet will stay hard at work on your next job site. Terex tower cranes are exceptionally strong and set up quickly.

Why buy a Genie® GTH™-844 telehandler?

The Genie® GTH™-844 telehandler offers excellent lift capacity, making it an ideal machine for loading/unloading and moving/placing materials, as well as cleanup, on a variety of jobsites. Choose from an indust…