Is pirate101 a good game?

Awesome Game with fantastic worlds, amazing characters, and a great story line! Extremely fun game! Adventure, magic, ninjas, western, eastern, mythology, steam punk, and more all rolled up in a brilliant pirate adventure!

Does anyone play Pirate101?

It has certainly died out, but make sure your on the most populated servers to be sure. When on the biggest servers, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding people. Aye, people still play, its just that the games been in a rough shape when it came to the player base, for it has been quiet due to the lack of updates.

How many crowns does it take to buy all of Pirate101?

89,712 crowns
The complete cost of Pirate101 right now is 89,712 crowns, two payments of the $60 for 60,000 crowns, or less if purchased in smaller sections, so if you intend to play Pirate for more than three years, it’s typically a better deal to become a Crowns player.

What is max level Pirate101?

Level 70
Currently, the maximum level a character can obtain is Level 70. The main storyline takes the player through Skull Island, Monquista, Valencia, Cool Ranch, MooShu, Marleybone, and Aquila.

Will Pirate101 ever be updated?

That brings us to now and a state of the game address from Wizard101, which hearkened back to an announcement made during a December dev stream that affirmed Pirate101 would indeed be getting updates in 2022.

Is Pirate101 still active?

Pirate101 is seen as a dead game, since there are not many people playing and the devs have confirmed that they have no plans for any new story content.

How much does Krokotopia cost?

Area Pricing

Area Crowns
Kembaalung Expansion
Kembaalung Village 1,245 (Rent for 6 Hours for 495 Crowns)
Total Area Cost for Krokotopia
Krokotopia 13,910 + 1,245 (Kembaalung)

How much does Dragonspyre cost?


Name of Area Total Crowns Per Area
Dragonspyre Academy The Crystal Grove 1200 Crowns for both
The Forum 1200 Crowns
The Great Spyre 1200 Crowns
PRICE: 10,800 Crowns

Is Pirate101 a good game?

Summary: Pirate101 is a free online game set in a mythical world of flying Pirate ships, strange beasts and amazing Pirate treasure. Both casual game and MMO players of all ages will enjoy creating their custom Pirate character to explore magical game worlds and sail off for hidden treasure.

Is Pirate101 pay-to-win?

-Pay-to-win cash shop items. Pirate101 is a swashbuckling themed MMORPG developed by KingsIsle Entertainment. Taking place in the same world as its sister game Wizard101, players become corsair explorers, searching for treasure and steering their vessel through the skies of Spiral.

What are the pros and cons of Pirate101?

Pirate101 is a pirate-themed MMORPG set in the same fictional universe as Wizard101. Fight enemies in a turn-based combat system, complete quests, sail Pirate ships, and play with friends. Pros: +Tactical, turn-based combat. +Command a pirate ship. +Kid-friendly. Cons: -Major content locked behind pay-walls. -Known bugs.