How reliable is a BMW K 1200?

Reliability & build quality Like so many BMWs the K1200RS is a quality motorcycle with a few minor glitches. Electrics and small areas of corrosion are the most common complaints. Fortunately the excellent dealer network know how to avoid or cure these. The K1200RS also seems to resist winter better than most machines.

How heavy is K1200RS?


Manufacturer BMW Motorrad
Weight 266 kg (586 lb) (dry) 285 kg (628 lb) (wet)
Fuel capacity 20.5 L (4.5 imp gal; 5.4 US gal)
Fuel consumption 4.9 L/100 km; 58 mpg‑imp (48 mpg‑US)
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How much does a BMW k1200lt weigh?

853 lbs
At a glance

Owners’ reliability rating: 3.1 out of 5 (3.1/5)
Annual servicing cost: £350
Power: 116 bhp
Seat height: Low (30.3 in / 770 mm)
Weight: High (853 lbs / 387 kg)

What is the horsepower of a BMW K1200S?

BMW K 1200S

Make Model BMW K 1200S
Induction Injection
Ignition Electronic
Starting Electric
Max Power 124.5 kW / 167 hp @ 10250 rpm

Is BMW K1300R discontinued?

K1300R is a discontinued model and at present, BMW Motorrad has no plans to launch an updated model of the streetfighter.

Why choose this BMW K1200RS (K 1200 RS) repair manual?

This BMW K1200RS (K 1200 RS) bike repair manual is internally indexed for easy and fast navigation thus allowing you to find exactly what you need in the quickest time possible. You will not find a better manual than this.

When did the BMW K1200RS non-ABS come out?

BMW K1200RS Non-ABS: version available from November 1998. BMW K1200RS ABS: when the non-ABS version was introduced this was the name for the regular ABS equipped motorcycle.

Is the K1200RS a good long distance bike?

The K1200RS carved its own niche as a superb high-speed distance bike that could carry a pillion and luggage too without breaking a sweat. Radical Telelever front suspension’s no longer novel but still works and build quality remains a strong point so big mileages are very possible.