How do you code JSP?

This was an example of how to use Java code in a JSP page….Use Java Code in JSP page

  1. Create a jsp page that contains the <%code fragment%> scriptlet.
  2. Keep any html tags in the page outside the scriptlet.
  3. Use the import attribute inside the <%@ page …

How do I login to a JSP file?

Using Commons Logging in JSP Pages

  1. Import the Commons Log and LogFactory classes.
  2. Define and initialize a logger variable for the page.
  3. Start logging.

How can I get username after login in JSP?

session. setAttribute(“loggedInUser_userName”, userName); Since HTML is static page, it needs ajax call to update page, Prefer JSP over HTML. Use El Expression ${} to print username.

What is LoginDao?

LoginDao. java, a DAO class that verifies the emailId and password from the database.

Can I write Java code in JSP?

In JSP, java code can be written inside the jsp page using the scriptlet tag.

What is scriptlet tag in JSP?

Scriptlet tag This tag allow user to insert java code in JSP. The statement which is written will be moved to jspservice() using JSP container while generating servlet from JSP. When client make a request, JSP service method is invoked and after that the content which is written inside the scriptlet tag executes.

Can we write javaScript code in JSP?

Yes, We can use javaScript with JSP page. As we know that javaScript is a Client-side script and JSP is a Server-side so we can attach a form validation to a JSP page to redirect HTML page and javaScript content.

How do I inspect JSP in Chrome?

Debug the JSP

  1. Right-click in Source view and select Debug As > Debug on Server. The process is the same as for running an application.
  2. Click OK to restart in Debug mode.
  3. In the JSP Debugger dialog click Yes.
  4. The application starts to run.

How to login and logout in JSP?

This example shows a login form in JSP. Here we take username and password from the user as two fields in the form. Then we have a submit button. When we click on the submit button, we will receive a welcome message. There will be a logout option as well. By clicking on it, we will get redirected to the login page.

How to use JSP to register a website?

Using registration form through JSP. In Registration form, we will have a form to fill all the details which will contain name, username, password, address, contact number, etc. This form will help us to register with the application. They take all our details and store it in a database or cache.

How to create a new user account in JSP?

When we click on register_1.jsp, we will get a form which will have details like first name, last name, username, password, address, contact. All the details have been filled. When we click on submit button then we get the message as “Welcome User”

What is logindao JSP?

It is the simple login form, you can change it for better look and feel. We are focusing on the concept only. This jsp file contains all the incoming values to an object of bean class which is passed as an argument in the validate method of the LoginDao class.