What year is Dell Precision M4800?

9, 2013 – Dell today announced it has expanded its workstation portfolio with the most powerful mobile and tower workstations, the Dell Precision M4800, M6800, T3610, T5610 and T7610, designed to seamlessly run the leading content creation, engineering, scientific and other professional software applications.

What generation is Dell Precision M4800?

4th Generation Intel®
The Precision M4800 Mobile Workstation delivers no-holds-barred processing capabilities with high-performance 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 and Intel® Core™ i5 processor options.

Can you upgrade Dell Precision M4800?

You can upgrade your Dell Precision M4800 (Quad Core Processor) Laptop to up to a maximum memory capacity of 32GB Memory.

How much does a Dell Precision m4800 Weight?

6.4 pounds
Dell Precision M4800 Specs

Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 + WiDi
Video Memory 2GB
Warranty/Support 3 Year Basic Hardware Service with 3 Year NBD Onsite Service after Remote Diagnosis
Weight 6.4 pounds
Wi-Fi 802.11n

How do you remove the RAM from a Dell Precision m4800?

Pull the retention clips away from the RAM card simultaneously. Lift the RAM card upwards. Pull the first RAM card away from the slot. Repeat this step to remove the second RAM card.

How do I remove the harddrive from my Dell Precision m4800?

Remove the screws that secure the hard drive to the computer. Slide the hard-drive latch to the unlock position and pull out the hard drive from the computer. Flex the hard-drive bracket outward and pull out the hard drive from the bracket.

What is the Dell Precision m4800 workstation?

The Dell Precision M4800 workstation provides powerful performance and a sharp QHD+ screen in a secure and durable design.

Is the Dell m4800 retina-like?

Click to Enlarge The M4800 is one of the first Windows workstations outfitted with a Retina-like display. The notebook’s 15.6-inch, 3200 x 1800 matte panel is sharp and offers wide enough viewing angles to accommodate three people.

How long does the Dell Precision m4800 battery last?

Click to Enlarge We don’t expect marathon-like endurance from workstations, but the Dell Precision M4800’s endurance was still disappointing. The machine lasted 4 hours and 16 minutes on the LAPTOP Battery Test (continuous Web surfing over Wi-Fi).

Does the Dell Precision m4800 have any bloatware?

Click to Enlarge The Dell Precision M4800 is a lean, mean business machine, which means there’s no room for bloatware. There are a few Dell add-ons, such as the Dell Power Manager, which lets you change the power usage settings on the battery.