What happened to Aaron Dingle?

Aaron (played by Danny Miller) left Emmerdale in the wake of his boyfriend Ben Tucker’s (Simon Lennon) death as he felt the village had too many bad memories and he needed to start afresh.

How long is Aaron out of Emmerdale?

Emmerdale fans were in tears this week when Aaron Dingle made an emotional exit from the village. I’m A Celebrity star Danny Miller revealed he would be leaving the soap after 13 years playing Aaron to spend more time with his family and pursue other projects.

Who is leaving Emmerdale in 2020?

Actress Mimi announced her decision to leave Emmerdale in 2020 to pursue new acting and modelling ventures. Production decided her character was going to be killed off. The troublesome Leanna Cavanagh was pushed off a bridge by serial killer and nurse Meena Jutla on her 18th birthday in July, 2021.

Is Aaron gone for good in Emmerdale?

Miller chose to leave the show in November 2011 and he made his final appearance on 5 April 2012. Aaron’s exit storyline saw him accused of arson and so he left the village with his new partner Ed Roberts (Lloyd Everitt).

Is Danny going back to Emmerdale?

That’s something that I wanted to free them of and free myself of, because I wanted to make sure that I could pick and choose and be there for my baby if I needed to be. ‘ Given these quotes and Danny looking forward to new projects, he won’t be returning to Emmerdale anytime soon.

How are Liv and Aaron related?

Liv is Aaron Dingle’s half sister. They share a father – Gordon Livesy – and her mother is Gordon’s second wife, Sandra Flaherty. Aaron met his little sister when he went to confront Sandra about his father’s abuse, and she nicked his wallet!

Who is coming back to Emmerdale 2021?

Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) – returned Samantha Giles returned to Emmerdale as Bernice Blackstock in May, 2021, after almost two years away from the soap.