How much does it cost for a helicopter license in Colorado?

How Much Does it Cost? It will cost you up to $70,000 or more to attain your commercial helicopter license through an approved helicopter flight training near Colorado Springs, CO.

How much does it cost to get a private pilot license in Colorado?

The average lesson (depending on flight school) will cost between $130 and $200 per hour. That’s between $5,200 and $8000 for 40 hours. Being completely transparent, most individuals feel they are ready to take the exam after 55-60 hours of training experience ($7,150-$12,000).

How do I get a private pilot’s license in Colorado?

To become a Private Pilot typically involves betwen 50 and 100 hours of flight time, some ground training, and you must pass two tests. The law requires you must have at least 35 flight hours, but passing in such a short time is fairly unusual; the national average is around 75 hours.

Is becoming a helicopter pilot worth it?

Simply put, if you love to fly and think the idea of spending hours a day in a cockpit thousands of feet above the beautiful views sounds like fun, then yes, becoming a helicopter pilot will be worth it.

What can I do with a private pilot license?

A Private Pilot Licence also known as a PPL, enables you to fly a single-engine aircraft as the pilot-in-command (PIC) for non-commercial passengers. You can obtain a PPL for personal reasons such as flying as a hobby or to kick start your career in aviation working towards becoming a commercial pilot.

Do private helicopters have to file flight plans?

In the US, a private non-commercial flight being conducted under VFR is not required to file a flight plan.

Can anyone fly a helicopter?

Can ANYONE learn to fly a helicopter? Most healthy people with correctable eyesight, normal hand-eye coordination, no major health issues, proper motivation, and average or above-average intelligence can be trained to fly a helicopter.

What licenses do you need to become a helicopter pilot?

When looking to get a helicopter pilot’s license, it’s important to know that there are actually three basic licenses you’ll need to get. In order to get a job as a pilot, you’ll need to have at minimum a private pilot’s license, a commercial pilot’s license, and an instrument license.

What kind of helicopters does Colorado heliops sell?

Colorado Heliops is an Authorized Robinsons Helicopter New and Used Sales as well as a Robinson Service Center. We sell R44 helicopters and support the full range of helicopters from the R22 to the turbine engined R66.

How long does it take to get a private pilot license?

Here is how long it’ll typically take you to earn your licenses at a university flight school like SUU Aviation: You’ll earn your private pilot license during your first eight months at SUU Aviation. In this period you’ll get about 70 hours of flight time.

Why choose Colorado Heli-OPS for your aerial survey?

Enjoy 30 minutes of hands on flying with one of our Flight Instructors. Colorado Heli-Ops offers aerial surveys of pipelines using our own unique Boreal Laser by helicopter. Using Helicopters allows for safety, flexibility and cost effectiveness in surveying network assets, vegetation and for human interference.