How can I contact Duff McKagan?

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How much did Duff drink a day?

‘In my case, I got up to two half gallons of vodka a day – a full gallon of vodka a day. And there’s so much sugar in that. And then I was doing cocaine, too, so I could drink longer. Cocaine is not good for panic attacks.

Did Duff McKagan pancreas explode?

McKagan, who has a 12-year tenure with the band, said he could do “all that stuff” and function and person “until I couldn’t.” “My hair started to fall out … my body was starting to show it, like huge boils … and my pancreas burst from drinking too much,” he said of the adverse effects his substance abuse caused.

What drugs did Duff McKagan take?

We learn that Duff started smoking cannabis in 4th grade, had his first drink in 5th grade, and was using LSD in 6th grade. In junior high school, he was using cocaine and stealing cars. He was also becoming a musician. At fifteen, McKagan formed a punk band called Vains.

Why did Tracii Guns leave Guns and Roses?

Tracii Guns left GNR after an argument with Axl Rose, which led to Slash’s appointment to the band. Gardner quit not long after and was replaced by another Hollywood Rose bandmate Steven Adler.

How close was Duff McKagan to death?

In 1994, Duff McKagan came very close to death. On May 10 of that year, at the age of 30, the bass guitarist of Guns N’ Roses developed acute pancreatitis. He had been misusing alcohol and a plethora of drugs for most of his life.

How did Duff McKagan stay present during a show?

For McKagan, it was martial arts training that enabled him to stay present. In June 1995, Duff was invited to play a gig. He was anxious, realizing it would be a big step for him because up to this point he had not played a live show sober. “In fact, to the best of my knowledge I had never played sober in my entire life,” he writes.

What is the movie Duff about?

The film uses interviews, animated sequences, and performance footage with McKagan reading from his book while being accompanied by various musicians. Michael Andrew McKagan acquired the nickname “Duff” early on. He grew up in Seattle’s largely working-class University District, the youngest of eight children born to Alice and Elmer McKagan.

What is the inspiration behind Duff McKagan’s recovery story?

Duff McKagan’s recovery story is inspirational because it shows that no matter how serious the grip of addiction can get, change is always possible. Recovery can happen.