What does a mobiliser do?

Spinal Mobilisation The Mobiliser repeatedly flexes and extends your spine, encouraging stubborn vertebrae into action, providing more stretch than with face down massage.

What is a mobiliser in sport?

The Mobiliser is a powerful Passive Spinal Motion Tool made to exacting standards for Medics. The same professional grade unit is now available to the public called “The Mobiliser System” which offers a combination of the Mobiliser Unit and BackInAction Expert Personal Consultancy.

What is a mobiliser machine?

The Mobiliser is a state of the art device designed to improve the flexibility of the spine. In many cases, a loss of normal flexibility due to tight muscles and joints can be a major cause of back pain.

What is community mobiliser?

Who is a Community Mobiliser (CoM)? Community moibiliser is preferably a woman who will act as a facilitator for self help groups promoted under UMEED Project. Main responsibility of the Community Mobiliser will be to handhold and guide a group of SHGs for which she acts as CoM.

What are the benefits of community mobilization?

Community mobilisation is important when tackling health issues because it has advantages such as:

  • local ownership and the sustainability of the programmes.
  • motivating the people and encouraging participation.
  • building community capacity to identify and address community needs, and empowering the community.

Why is community mobilization important?

Community mobilisation contributes to giving back the affected population a sense of control over their lives. As people become more involved they are likely to become more able to cope and more active in rebuilding their own community, and a sense of hope and possibility for the future is restored.

What is the first step in community mobilization?

In community mobilisation, the first step is to investigate the health problems, then develop an action plan. Community participation as part of community mobilisation is critical for success.

What are the steps involved in community mobilization?

There are 7 stages of a mobilisation effort on this model: conducting initial preparation, organising the community for action, exploring the health issues and setting priorities, planning, acting and evaluating together, and scaling up.

What is the Mobiliser™ system?

Back In Action developed The Mobiliser, which was tested by NATO, MOD, RAF and is used in every UK military Rehab Base. Our expertise, when added to The Mobiliser has helped tens of thousands beat back pain. Stage 1 – Read about the Mobiliser™ System, visit us for a test drive, or use one at a local practitioner.

What is the warranty on Mobiliser?

Domestic use; Mobiliser has a 5 year warranty from Backinaction for free repair of manufacturing fault. During year 1 we also offer a free replacement and pay transport within UK mainland. Are you using this product for a health condition?

What is a backinaction mobiliser V4?

Backinaction Mobiliser­™ System v4. Includes 1 softening pad, 1 headrest, 3 headrest raisers and 1 complete zip up dust cover. If you are currently hiring and you would like to convert to buying a backinaction Mobiliser v4 we will discount your net hire charges by 25% against purchase of a new Mobiliser.