How much does a Specialized S Works Roubaix weight?


Frame S-Works Roubaix
Saddle S-Works Power
Wheels Roval CLX32 Disc, Specialized Turbo Cotton Hell of the North 28mm tyres
Weight 7.27kg (56cm)

Is a Roubaix a gravel bike?

The Roubaix isn’t a gravel bike, but for the gravel riding I typically do locally, I reckon it’ll cope pretty darned well.

Is the Tarmac sl7 comfortable?

The Tarmac just handles so well – it feels fast, comfortable and lightweight despite the wheels, it’s at home on climbs, descents and on the flat and would be perfect for any type of road riding, whether racing, chaingangs, club runs or just riding fast for fun.

What is a Roubaix bike race?

Paris–Roubaix is a one-day professional bicycle road race in northern France, starting north of Paris and finishing in Roubaix, at the border with Belgium. It is one of cycling’s oldest races, and is one of the ‘Monuments’ or classics of the European calendar, and contributes points towards the UCI World Ranking.

What is Sworks?

The S-Works Diverge is Specialized’s top-of-the-line gravel bike, designed to ride any trail and know no boundaries to its adventures. The Future Shock suspension system provides a cushioning 20mm of travel at the front, while the dropper seatpost means that you can tackle the gnarliest trail without fear.

Are Specialized Roubaix bikes any good?

Quality brands make quality bikes. And the Specialized Roubaix is a perfect example of that. This model takes the most efficient components together to deliver fantastic all-terrain results. That’s why we had to make a Specialized Roubaix review because this bike was simply too good to be true.

Are there different models of Roubaix?

But it comes in different models – so you’ll have to decide which one works better for you. Here’s a short review about each one of these variations: The first we’re reviewing is the Roubaix Expert. This is the most expensive of all Roubaix models, and one of the most costly from Specialized.

Is the Roubaix Comp-Ultegra Di2 the best bike on the market?

With its toughness and performance capacity, it comes at an amazing value – as long as you can find it available. If it came to quality and overall results, the Roubaix Comp-Ultegra Di2 is undoubtedly the best on the entire list. Especially if you consider its decent cost – this bike will take it all to another level.

What makes the Roubaix Comp so special?

Just like the newer models, the Roubaix Comp uses the Fact 10r carbon frame. This is one of the lightest yet most comfortable and easy-to-use models you can pick. With the Rider-First Engineered build, it stands out in terms of resilience and results. But it is not the frame alone that makes it all possible – but the fantastic components it boasts.