How do I use thumbnails in IrfanView?

Steps for creating any of these thumbnail pages:

  1. Put your pictures in either the same folder as your index, or in a folder below it (but not above it).
  2. Open irfanview. (
  3. Open irfanview thumbnails (File / Thumbnails)
  4. Open your folder in irfanview (and this sometimes takes a while).

How do I batch convert images to IrfanView?

How to Resize Images

  1. Download the free software called IrfanView and IrfanView plugins (
  2. In Irfanview Go to File (top left) and select Batch conversion/Rename.
  3. In the Batch Conversion Window ‘Add’ the images you would like to resize or ‘Add all’.
  4. Specify an Output Directory (on the left).

How do I batch convert HEIC to JPG IrfanView?

Open Irfanview, and click on File, in the Toolbar, and select Batch Conversion/Rename…. This will open the Batch conversion dialog box. In the Look in: box, navigate to the images you want to convert. Select (single Left click) the images to be converted, then click the Add button.

How do I create a thumbnail page?

Create Thumbnails Individually Offline To create the thumbnail, open the image in Paint and then click the “Resize” button at the top of the page. Click the “Pixels” radio button and then enter the horizontal and vertical dimensions for the thumbnail.

What are the uses of thumbnails?

Thumbnail is a term used by graphic designers and photographers for a small image representation of a larger image, usually intended to make it easier and faster to look at or manage a group of larger images.

How do I convert WEBP to JPG?

Windows: MS Paint

  1. Click File.
  2. Select Open.
  3. Find and select your file.
  4. Click Open.
  5. Click File again.
  6. Select Save as.
  7. Select JPEG picture.
  8. Choose a folder and click Save.

Does VLC play HEIC?

An alternative you could explore is the use of a VLC media player to convert your HEIC file. A convert/save option on the player lets you convert from the HEIC format to other file formats.