Does Andy Reid eat cheeseburgers?

Andy Reid takes his food just about as seriously as he takes winning NFL championships. It’s no secret that Chiefs coach Andy Reid loves food. And eating. Especially cheeseburgers.

What happened to Andy Reid’s son from the Kansas City Chiefs?

Young was severely injured in a Feb. 4 crash where Britt Reid, at the time employed by the Chiefs, was driving and rear-ended the car the child was in. The car was stopped on the side of the Interstate 435 entrance ramp from Stadium Drive assisting another vehicle.

How much does Andy Reid make for the Kansas City Chiefs?

Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs, $8 million per year He also won AP Coach of the Year back in his fourth season with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2002.

Where does Andy Reid love?

Chiefs’ Andy Reid loves Philadelphia: ‘There wasn’t a cheesesteak there that I didn’t like’ KANSAS CITY, Mo.

What is Andy Reids favorite restaurant?

In 2013, Reid revealed Fiorella’s Jack Stack as his favorite barbecue restaurant in Kansas City.

What does Andy Reid eat after a game?

This is a guy who happily admitted he celebrated winning the Super Bowl by eating a cheeseburger and going to bed. In fact, he was planning that celebration in the postgame press conference. “I’m gonna have a double cheeseburger tonight with extra cheese. I might enjoy it with my family and the team.

What happened to the child that Andy Reid’s son hit?

Reid was driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.113 when he struck the SUV that Ariel Young and her family were in, leaving the child with potential brain injuries. The press release said the care plan will provide Young with “long-term financial stability” and “world-class medical care.”

What is Andy Reid’s favorite burger?

Cheeseburger expert, Kansas City Chiefs HC Andy Reid calls Tommy’s a favorite. LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is a cheeseburger aficionado. So, when he calls your burgers one of his “favorite” burgers, you’ve got something going for you.