What lubricant should I use for my bike chain?

Use a light, waterproof lube such as Boeshield T-9 Waterproof Lubricant. For wet-weather conditions, try Pedro’s Chainj. Never Use: Motor oil—it contains acids and particles of metal that can compromise a chain’s strength and cause it to wear more quickly.

Can you use WD-40 as a lubricant for bike chain?

Can I use WD-40 to lube my bicycle chain? No. You should never use WD40 as chain lubricant since WD-40 is NOT a true lubricant. WD40 is primarily a solvent or rust dissolver.

Is chain lube necessary for bike?

When should I oil my bike chain : Usually, O ring chains will need cleaning and lubing every 500 kilometers in non dusty and clean conditions. However, with the type of dusty conditions we have in India, it would be a good idea to keep that interval at 3-400 kilometers between cleaning/lubing sessions.

Can I use engine oil as chain lube?

Can I use motor oil as a chain lube? You can use motor oil. However, it’s not recommended as this oil is too thick and won’t penetrate the inner components.

What is Prolink chain lube?

A thin-bodied lubricant which utilizes metal friction reducer technology for smooth shifting and a quiet drive train. Does not build up or become tacky; sheds dirt, mud, and abrasives. Also repels moisture and prevents corrosion. ProLink Chain Lube will not let dirt and grit stick to your chain – in wet or dry conditions.

What does Prolink do for your bike?

It greatly reduces friction and wear, allowing smoother operation of your chain and cables, and it will keep your chain and drive train area clean and seemingly drag free. ProLink is a thin-bodied lubricant that uses MFR technology, a molecule which bonds to the metal surface.

How much does it cost to Lube a bike chain?

MSRP: 0.25 oz. Luber pen – $5.75; 4 oz. bottle – $8.70; 16 oz. spray bottle – $19.95 ProLink Chain Lube utilizes metal friction reducers in a formula that won’t gunk up over time. This makes it ideal for chains, as well as other metal-to-metal interfaces such as pivot pins on front and rear derailleurs and brake calipers.

Do you use Luber pen with Prolink?

HOT! Luber Pen gets ProLink into those hard-to-reach areas (i.e., derailleur pivot pins). NOT! Every time I need to stock up on Prolink, the price keeps going up.