What is a Jagdfliegerschule?

The German Luftwaffe of the Wehrmacht had seven Jagdfliegerschulen or Fighter Pilot Schools. Theo Osterkamp with his wife, Fel Gudrun, with Messerschmitt Bf 108. Jagdfliegerschule Werneuchen was formed on 1 November 1937 in Werneuchen consisting of 3 Staffeln (squadrons). The school was renamed to Jagdfliegerschule 1 on 15 January 1940.

When was Jagdfliegerschule Schleißheim formed?

Oberstleutnant Otto-Friedrich Freiherr von Houwald, 20 November 1939 – 15 December 1942 Jagdfliegerschule Schleißheim was formed on 1 April 1934 in Schleißheim and disbanded again on 9 June 1936. It was recreated again on 1 April 1939 consisting of 3 Staffeln (squadrons).

When was the Jagdfliegerschule 2 at Zerbst?

The school was renamed to Jagdfliegerschule 2 on 15 January 1940. An operational Staffel was formed in 1941 at Zerbst. The Staffel was relocated to Düsseldorf -Lohausen on 24 June 1941 and to Kiel -Holtenau on 5 July 1941.

What was Jagdgruppe Losigkeit?

On 17 December 1941 an operation squadron ( Einsatz-Staffel) was formed in Jever. This operational squadron then became part of an ad hoc formation called Jagdgruppe Losigkeit, led by Hauptmann Fritz Losigkeit, to protect a group of warships moving to Norway. Jagdgruppe Losigkeit was renamed to 10./ Jagdgeschwader 1 in late March 1942.