What cities are part of Utah County?

Alpine City.

  • American Fork City.
  • Cedar Fort Town.
  • Cedar Hills City.
  • Draper City.
  • Eagle Mountain City.
  • Elk Ridge City.
  • Fairfield Town.
  • What are the 29 counties?


    Beaver Garfield Tooele
    Box Elder Grand Uintah
    Cache Iron Utah
    Carbon Juab Wasatch
    Daggett Kane Washington

    What area is Utah County?

    2,144 mi²Utah County / Area

    What is the most populated county in Utah?

    Salt Lake County
    Looking for a list of cities, counties or zips in Utah?

    Rank County Population
    1 Salt Lake County 1,185,238
    2 Utah County 659,399
    3 Davis County 362,679
    4 Weber County 262,223

    What is Utah County famous for?

    Today, Utah County is best known as the home of the Geneva steel plant and Brigham Young University. Geneva was constructed at this inland location during World War II in case the steel plants near the coast were destroyed in the war.

    How many counties are in Salt Lake City Utah?

    Just over 75% of Utah’s population is concentrated along four Wasatch Front counties of Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, and Weber….List of counties in Utah.

    Counties of Utah
    Number 29
    Populations 935 (Daggett) – 1,185,238 (Salt Lake)
    Areas 299 square miles (770 km2) (Davis) – 7,820 square miles (20,300 km2) (San Juan)

    Who is the most famous celebrity from Utah?

    You May be Surprised to Learn that These 20 Famous People are From Utah

    • Roseanne Barr (born in Salt Lake City)
    • Jaime Bergman (born in Salt Lake City)
    • Elaine Bradley (born in Logan)
    • John M.
    • Nolan Bushnell (born in Clearfield)
    • Jerry Buss (born in Salt Lake City)
    • Matthew Davis (born in Salt Lake City)

    Why is Utah called Happy valley?

    “Happy Valley” was the nickname given to Utah County when nearly 90 percent of its population was composed of members of the LDS church. Since then this appellation has been used positively and negatively to refer to the environment created by the morally stringent standards of the LDS church’s members.

    Which county is Salt Lake City in?

    Salt Lake CountySalt Lake City / County