How do you fix Juliet balcony?

The balconies can be fixed into brick, stone, paving or any similar material that will hold weight. We recommend using a 10mm drill bit. The fixings supplied with our Juliet balconies are 8mm x 70mm stainless steel coach screws. However, for a platform balcony we recommend a using a 10mm diameter threaded bar.

Can I install a Juliet balcony?

A Juliet balcony is a shallow balcony that takes up a limited amount of space and can be installed without making any structural changes to the building.

What do you put in a Juliet balcony?

Many Juliet balconies don’t even have that. Since you have it, use it! Think small – an herb garden planted in teacups, a tabletop fountain, a trellis and a climbing vine, or a repurposed shoe rack as a plant shelf.

How does a Juliet balcony work?

Providing a ‘guard’ or security barrier to sliding doors or inward opening full-height French Doors on a first-floor room or above, a Juliet balcony lets in more natural light, and fresh air when the doors are open.

Are Juliette balconies safe?

To answer this question: yes, absolutely. When they are installed correctly, Juliette balconies are completely safe. This is because, when the balcony is installed onto a property, it is carefully and securely screwed into the property.

Do I need building regs for a Juliet balcony?

Typically, the answer is no and they can be installed under permitted development rights. However, there are always exceptions. The main difference between Juliet balconies and other designs is the lack of extending platform for anyone to stand on or place items on.

Do Juliet balconies add value?

The main point of a Juliet balcony is to increase the aesthetic appeal of the home, which in turn often boosts value and makes a home much more enjoyable to live in.

What does a Juliet balcony look like?

For a baseline, the Cambridge Dictionary defines one as “a structure like a very narrow balcony with vertical metal bars, fitted to the outside of a building in front of an upstairs full-length window in two parts that can be opened like doors.”

How much weight can a condo balcony hold?

Small balconies are generally designed to carry the weight of no more than ten people. If designed properly, your balcony can hold at least 50 lbs. (22 kg) per square foot. However, a balcony is built to safely maintain different weights, depending on the design, materials, and time of construction.

Can a balcony support a hot tub?

If you’re placing a hot tub on a balcony, inside a high-rise apartment, or even on a rooftop deck, you’ll have to make adjustments for proper drainage. Because high-rise buildings are reinforced with a combination of cement, masonry, and steel, outdoor surfaces shouldn’t be vulnerable to hot tub steam.

How to secure your Juliet balcony to the building?

Choosing the correct fixing to secure your Juliet balcony to the building is just as important as choosing the correct balcony. It is an axiom that a chain is as strong as its weakest link and therefore you must make sure that the fixings and the walls are not that weak link.

What is included in the Juliette balcony section?

This section includes technical drawings, loading tests, standards, elevations and sections of glass Juliette balcony models in all sizes. It is important that the calculations are 100% correct before going ahead with the installation of your Juliette balcony. Read more for help on your structural calculations.

What size of glass do I need for my Juliet balcony?

Your Juliet balcony should be at least 1.1m high. You should ensure that you have sufficient space beneath the balcony opening to secure the glass. We would recommend that this is at least 300mm. Our point fixings require a glass hole size of 22mm.

What sizes do Juliet balconies come in?

Standard Designs The standard range of Juliet Balconies offers three classic balcony designs available to choose from. Standard Sizes Catnic standard range of Juliet Balconies are available in width increments of 100mm from 1200mm to 3000mm*.