How can we prevent Cache Valley virus in sheep?

Unfortunately, there is no vaccine to aid in prevention of CVV. The best way to prevent CVV is to control the mosquito population. Using premise sprays, as well as keeping pens clean and free of standing water are effective ways to limit the number of mosquitoes on sheep and goat operations.

What is Cache Valley in sheep?

Cache valley virus is a mosquito-borne disease that infects lamb and goat in utero, leading to pregnancy failure, abortions and congenital malformations in fetuses. Infected dams show no clinical signs or lesions, making it challenging to identify carriers in the herd.

Can goats get Cache Valley virus?

This virus is a mosquito-transmitted cause of infertility, abortions, stillbirths and congenital abnormalities in sheep and goats. It is most commonly diagnosed in sheep and goats who are due to give birth in the winter, usually prior to February in the northeast.

What causes abortions in sheep?

The major infectious agents causing abortions in sheep are Campylobacter sp, Chlamydia sp, Toxoplasma sp, Listeria sp, Brucella sp, Salmonella sp, border disease virus, and Cache Valley virus.

Can lambs be born premature?

Preterm birth was induced at 131 days of gestation in 82 lambs; controls (n = 31) were born at term (145 days). Overall survival of preterm lambs was 60%; males had significantly lower survival than females (44% vs 76%); 94% of term lambs survived.

Can sheep have abortion?

Enzootic abortion (EAE) is caused by the bacteria Chlamydophila abortus and abortion occurs in the last 2-3 weeks of pregnancy, no matter when the ewe was exposed in that period. Once infected, a ewe carries the bug for life and will shed around ovulation, providing a perfect tool to infect a working ram.

How premature can lambs be to survive?

BEFORE 105–110 days gestational age (term is about 147 days) it is impossible to obtain independent survival of lambs delivered by Caesarean section, even on ventilation with 100 per cent oxygen1.

How long is gestation for sheep?

152 daysSheep / Gestation period
The normal gestation period of ewes is approximately 147 days, ranging from 144 to 152 days. The medium-wool breeds and meat-type breeds ordinarily have a shorter gestation period than do the fine-wool breeds. High temperatures and high nutrition levels may shorten the gestation period two or three days.

How do you abort a sheep?

Control consists of isolating all affected ewes and lambs and treating in-contact ewes with long-acting oxytetracycline or oral tetracycline. C abortus bacterins are available and reduce abortions. In parts of Europe, a modified-live vaccine is available for use. C abortus is zoonotic, but human cases are rare.

Where does Cache Valley virus come from?

Cache Valley virus was first isolated from mosquitoes in Utah in 1956. It derives its name from Cache Valley, an agricultural valley located in northern Utah and southeast Idaho. It is endemic to North America, specifically Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

What is the history of Cache Valley?

Aerial view of the Wellsville Mountains at the southwestern end of the Cache Valley, September 2009. Cache Valley is an agricultural valley of northern Utah and southeast Idaho, United States that includes the Logan metropolitan area. The valley was used by 19th century mountain men and was the site of the 1863 Bear River Massacre.

Can Cache Valley virus cause brain damage?

Cache Valley virus can cause an illness with fever or more severe disease, including infection of the brain (encephalitis) or the lining around the brain and spinal cord (meningitis). There are no vaccines to prevent or medicines to treat Cache Valley virus infection.

What are the major highways in Cache Valley?

Several state highways run through the valley: In Idaho, State Highways 34 and 36; and in Utah, SR-23, SR-30, SR-101, SR-142, SR-165, SR-200, and SR-218 . The valley is served by the Cache Valley Transit District (CVTD), a zero-fare bus system. CVTD primarily serves the Logan area however offers shuttle service to Preston.