Can anyone go to Aria pool?

Non-Hotel Guests Policy: You must be a guest of the hotel to access the ARIA Pools. Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Additional notes: Main pools are strictly for Aria hotel guests, but you can go to their Day Club, Liquid, that is available to the public.

Is liquid pool free for ARIA guests?

Liquid Pool Lounge Guest List. Liquid pool lounge offers guest list Wednesday-Sunday for all-female groups, or parties with an even-or-better female to male ratio. Ladies are free usually until 2:00pm. Guys are usually reduced admission until 2:00pm (admission price varies by date and performer).

Are ARIA pools heated?

The Pools at Aria Aria hotel’s three ellipse-shaped pools are perfect for lazing about. Three outdoor hot tubs, heated to 101° F year-round will help you sink futher into that state of relaxation.

What is a liquid pool?

Instead of heavy physical covers, a liquid pool cover uses a microscopically thin layer of liquid (usually made from alcohol) which can prevent up to 50 percent of evaporation and reduce heat loss. This liquid sits on tops of the water surface. It’s non-toxic and completely safe to swim in.

Is the pool at Aria open year round?

Pool hours: Open year round from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Summer hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

What to do at Aria Las Vegas?

Grab your sunglasses and soak in an indulgent Vegas pool experience. ARIA’s three ellipse-shaped pools are perfect for lazing about with friends or people-watching with a drink from Pool Bar. Cabanas and Gazebos seat a maximum of 6 people.

How big is ARIA Las Vegas day club?

The entire 16,000 square foot day-club boasts a luxurious adult experience in a modern Vegas retreat. At ARIA’s Pool Bar, the best elements of Las Vegas nightlife are enjoyed in the sunlight. Time of day doesn’t matter when you’re lounging next to our elliptical water oasis, Margarita in hand.

Can you rent a pool at Aria Las Vegas?

The Pools at ARIA feature umbrellas scattered throughout the deck to provide a shady respite from the Las Vegas sun. For a more exclusive retreat, inquire about renting one of ARIA’s 34 private cabanas, and enjoy the privacy and amenities of a fully-stocked poolside escape. Reserve your cabanas and daybeds at ARIA.

What is reserved seating at Aria?

Treat yourself to a reserved seating, where you can take a break from the pool and return to your seat anytime for the day. Unwind and relax with welcome amenities, lounge chairs, personalized service and more. Reserve your cabanas and daybeds at ARIA.