What magazines does a Glock 34 use?

Glock 17 9mm 17RD Magazine These are Glock factory, metal lined, drop-free magazines for your Glock 17 or Glock 34 pistol. Will also fit other 9mm Glocks pistols, but will extend below the magazine well.

Are Glock 19 and 34 magazines interchangeable?

Will a Glock 17 magazine fit a Glock 19? The 17 mags should work in the 19, 26, and 34 with no problems (or any . 357 Sig Glocks with a 9mm conversion barrel). In fact using a 19 or 26 is great as a backup since they do use the 17/34 mags.

Are Glock 33 round mags reliable?

The Glock 33-round magazine is rugged and reliable, all we may ask. The magazine is well finished with good quality control evident. The base pad is strong enough to withstand multiple drops and makes for good stabilization when performing a speed load.

What is the highest capacity Glock magazine?

The . 40 caliber magazine holds 22 rounds and is a Glock® Factory magazine.

Do Glock 17 mags work with Glock 34?

17/34 mags are the same, afaik. Both will fit a 19, but 19 mags are shorter so they won’t fit the 17/34 well.

What is the difference between Glock 17 and 34?

The major difference, of course, is the slide. The 34 is an extended-barrel version of the 17, featuring a 5.31-inch barrel. That increases sight radius to about 7.5 inches, depending on what kind of sights you get. (The 34 Gen 4 is available with polymer, steel or the Glock GNS sights.)

What Glocks can hold 30 rounds?

The next major advancement occurred decades later, when the Glock 17—with its seventeen-round, 9mm Luger magazine—hit the market in the early 1980s. The Kel-Tec PMR-30 blows every other gun out of the water in ammo capacity. The gun’s double-stack magazine holds thirty rounds of .

What Glocks use the same magazine?

The mags from the FULL SIZE Glocks are frequently usable in the compact version of the same caliber.

  • Example: Glock 21 .45 mags will work in the smaller compact Glock 30 in .45 — they just stick out a bit.
  • How long can you keep Glock magazines loaded?

    Some ammunition manufacturers recommend rotating service-related ammunition as little as every six months. By following that guide line, magazines would remain fully loaded a maximum of six months before being unloaded and reloaded.

    What Glock do cops use?

    GLOCK 22
    By far the most popular police service pistol in the United States, the GLOCK 22 fires the potent 40 S&W cartridge and holds more rounds for its size and weight than most other full-sized handgun in its class.

    Which Glock is the most powerful?

    Compared to the legendary 1911 handgun, the Glock 20 has twice the ammunition capacity and can hit significantly harder. Furthermore, the Glock 20 even handles recoil well. For all of these reasons, the Glock 20 remains the most powerful Glock pistol, even though it has been around for more than three decades.

    Does Glock make a 33 round clip?

    Glock magazines are designed to drop free and provide ultra-reliable performance in any situation … These 33-round extended magazines are the ultimate in high-capacity factory Glock gear.

    What kind of Magazine do I need for my Glock?

    These are Glock factory, metal lined, drop-free magazines for your Glock 17 or Glock 34 pistol. Will also fit other 9mm Glocks pistols, but will extend below the magazine well. Please check restricted shipping zones before ordering.

    Why buy a Glock 34?

    Obtaining the greatest accuracy for target shooting was the main reason for the development of the GLOCK 34 which has an extended barrel, greater slide dimensions, and unmatched reliability in a pistol. This highly accurate pistol has found widespread use as a competitive pistol for USPSA, IDPA, IPSC, GSSF, and other sport shooting organizations.

    What is the PMAG 17 GL9?

    The PMAG 17 GL9 is a 17-round Glock 9mm handgun magazine featuring a new proprietary all-polymer construction for flawless reliability and durability over thousands of rounds.