What are the levels of learning outcomes?

Constructing Learning Outcomes Levels of performance for Bloom’s cognitive domain include knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. These categories are arranged in ascending order of cognitive complexity where evaluation represents the highest level.

What are learning outcomes in teaching?

Learning outcomes describe the measurable skills, abilities, knowledge or values that students should be able to demonstrate as a result of a completing a course. They are student-centered rather than teacher-centered, in that they describe what the students will do, not what the instructor will teach.

What are the best learning outcomes?

Well-written learning outcomes are concise and clearly stated, specific enough to be observable and measurable and thus capable of being assessed. They are broad enough so as not to limit flexibility in achieving them and they are realistic given available time and resources.

What is the Learning Outcomes Framework for grades 10-12?

INTRODUCTION LEARNING OUTCOMES FRAMEWORK: GRADES 10–12 1 Introduction The learning outcomes framework comprises a series of curriculum outcomes statements describing what knowledge, skills, and attitudes students are expected to demonstrate a result of their cumulative learning experiences in the primary–graduation continuum.

What are the learning outcomes for Grade 1 Visual Arts?

VISUAL ARTS GRADE 1 LEARNING OUTCOMES FRAMEWORK: PRIMARY–6 53 Visual Arts 1 General Curriculum Outcomes MAKING 1. Students will explore and manipulate a range of materials, demonstrating an ability to express themselves. 2. Students will use a range of independent and collaborative art-making strategies. LOOKING 3.

What is learning outcomes?

LEARNING OUTCOMES FRAMEWORK: PRIMARY–6 133 3.4 promote environmental awareness within the school community that demonstrates awareness of the connection between environment and health 3.5 describe ways they can prevent injuries from falls while involved in play, sport, and recreational experiences

What is Math Grade 3 learning outcomes?

MATHEMATICS GRADE 3 LEARNING OUTCOMES FRAMEWORK: PRIMARY–6 99 N01.07 Determine the value of a given set of coins (nickels, dimes, quarters, and loonies) by using skip counting. N01.08 Identify and explain the skip counting pattern for a given number sequence. N02Students will be expected to represent and partition numbers to 1000. [C, CN, V]