How do I contact National housing Authority?

Contact Us

  1. Trunk line: (02) 8790-0800 & (02) 8354-0961.
  2. Information Division: 8921-4066.

Can NHA houses be sold?

The law prohibits beneficiaries from selling, transferring or disposing of their socialized housing. Violators lose their right to the land and the amortization they already paid, and are barred from other NHA benefits for 10 years.

Who are qualified for NHA housing?

Based on the UDHA, the eligibility criteria to avail government housing are the following:

  • Must be a Filipino citizen;
  • Must be an underprivileged and homeless citizen.
  • Must not own any real property whether in the urban or rural areas.
  • Must not be a professional squatter or a member of squatting syndicates.

How do I buy a house in NHA?

Cash Sale/Staggered Cash/In-House Financing (Installment Payment), kindly fill out NHA Forms and all requirements stated on the Checklist of Requirements….

  1. Philippine National ID.
  2. Driver’s License.
  3. Postal ID.
  4. Voter’s ID.
  5. Passport.
  7. NBI/Police Clearance/ID.
  8. Government Office I.D.

Can NHA awarded lot be sold?

Sale or transfer of the lot/unit shall not be allowed except through heredity succession; and the borrower-assignor shall not change nor convert the use of residential lot/unit without the written consent from NHA.”

What is national housing program?

The program addresses the requirements of families affected by government infrastructure projects and those living along danger areas. It entails the provision of housing units, community facilities, socio-economic and other community support programs.

Can I buy lot under NHA?

What NHA means?


Acronym Definition
NHA National Highway Authority
NHA National Health Accounts
NHA National Housing Act (of 1938; Canada)
NHA New Hope Academy (various locations)

What is NHA in the Philippines?

The National Housing Authority (NHA) is the sole national agency mandated to engage in housing production for low income families.

What is the purpose of National Housing Authority?

NHA was tasked to develop and implement a comprehensive and integrated housing program which shall embrace, among others, housing development and resettlement, sources and schemes of financing, and delineation of government and private sector participation.

What is the resettlement and relocation program of the National Housing Authority?

(1) Resettlement program = involves the acquisition and development of large tracts of raw land to generate serviced lots and/or housing units for families displaced from sites earmarked for government infrastructure projects and those occupying danger areas such as waterways, esteros, and railroad tracks.