Can you tour the Breaking Bad house?

The Breaking Bad Tour includes your favorite locations, such as: Jesse’s house, Chucky’s, Dog house, Tucco’s, Combo’s corner, Rail yard, RV Junkyard, Los Pollos Hermanos, Owl Cafe, Jane’s, Walt’s house, the Car Wash, Superlab and more including new Better Call Saul locations, including stops at the Breaking Bad Store.

What is the address of the Breaking Bad House?

Walter’s and Skyler’s House (3828 Piermont Dr NE Albuquerque, NM 87111) is where it all begins. Some of the most intense scenes from the show take place right on the dining table inside.

Who owns the Breaking Bad house?

The real owners of Walter White’s ‘Breaking Bad’ house have had enough — but they still won’t sell. Walt and Skyler (Anna Gunn) may have lived in a quiet Albuquerque neighborhood on TV but Frances and Louis Padilla have occupied the home in real life since 1973.

What is Walter Whites address?

308 Negra Arroyo Lane
The White Residence, located at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, was the home of the White family including Walter, his wife Skyler, their son Walt Jr. and their infant daughter, Holly.

Is Walter White’s address real?

Walter White address on the show may have been 308 Negra Arroyo Lane but that location doesn’t really exist. The actual Breaking Bad house address is 3828 Piermont Drive, Albuquerque NM. What is this? The single-family ranch-style home has 1,910 square feet of living space on top of a 7,318 square foot lot.

Which twisters was used in Breaking Bad?

About Us. This Twisters served as the set of the famous Los Pollos Hermanos in the highly embraced TV show, Breaking Bad. We encourage you to sit in the same booth Walter White once did, pose for some photos, and try a South Valley burrito smothered in green chile and our signature curly fries.

Where is Saul office in Breaking Bad?

Saul Goodman’s Office — 9800 Montgomery Boulevard, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Who owns Twisters in Albuquerque?

VKC Delights
The 19-store, Albuquerque-grown restaurant chain Twisters has been sold to a Houston company, according to a report in the Albuquerque Journal. Twisters was purchased this month by VKC Delights, part of the VKC Group, which manages more than 130 restaurants in the Houston area.

Is Pollos Hermanos real?

Los Pollos Hermanos, the once-fictional restaurant from Breaking Bad, now delivers takeaway in the UK. The successful fast-food chain was a front for fan favourite Gus Fring’s meth manufacturing and distribution operation in the show, which introduced his character in the second season.

Where can I find Garduño’s club in Albuquerque?

We welcome you to stop by and experience the tradition firsthand! Featuring two convenient locations in Albuquerque to satisfy your Mexican food craving! We are conveniently located near the Cottonwood mall & Old Town in Albuquerque. Join Garduño’s Club!

When is Garduño’s open?

Enjoy Your Favorite Food from the Comfort of Your Own Home! Starting September 6th, We’re Open Mondays! Since 1969, Garduño’s has been serving fresh, authentic, New Mexican cuisine in a festive and colorful atmosphere.

Who are the owners of Breaking Bad tours?

Led by partner-owners Josh and Heather, who are ultimate Breaking Bad fans themselves, the tours include lots of backstory on the show, highlights and important things to note about scenes at each location. The tour guides carry laptops to show clips of scenes shot at the locations, which really adds to the ambience.

Where are the Breaking Bad locations in Albuquerque?

The Breaking Bad locations are spread around Albuquerque, but generally cluster in two distinct areas: the Northeast Heights and Downtown. With this in mind, the easiest way to tour the sites is to check out the Northeast Heights sites by car and then opt to walk or cycle the Downtown sites (or take the cycling tour recommended below).