Where can I download Kannada songs for free?

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What makes Kannada music so special?

The Kannada music industry is well known for its legendary artists who have contributed great vocals in some hit Kannada movie songs. Dr. PB Srinivas, Dr. P Susheela, Dr. S Janaki, Dr. SP Balasubramanyam are to name a few. Kannada songs are perfect for getting you into a happy mood on a bad day.

What is the Kannada Haadu music?

Kannada Songs, or as they are locally called Kannada Haadu, are known to be a part of Carnatic Music. Earlier, many industries weren’t aware of Kannada Music. But with the passage of time, Kannada Haadu has made its place in the music industry. The Kannada film industry, also known as Sandalwood, mainly produces motion films in Kannada language.

Who are some of the best Kannada composers?

With the main focus of Kannada Songs being on vocal music, there are many great composers who have contributed to the Sandalwood Music Industry. Some of the legendary Kannada singers are Dr. PB Srinivas, Dr. P Susheela, Dr. S Janaki, Dr. SP Balasubramanyam and the list continues to go on.

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Why are Kannada songs so popular in India?

With being known by many music industries, Kannada songs have managed to make a remarkable place in the music industry. You might not be aware, but Karnataka has made a considerable amount of contribution to the evolution of both the forms of Indian Classical Music. Kannada music has a wide variety of folk music.

Why Kannada Haadu is the best song for a bad day?

The verses of these beautiful songs are penned in such a way that they are perfect to lift your mood on a bad day. Kannada haadu is popularly known for its rhythmic beats, beautifully written lyrics and artful composing.

What is kannadamasti?

According to some sources, when kannadamasti was introduced, it was one of a kind of websites devoted to Indian melodies and later other sites emerged, but still it stands as a bigger spot of all the tracks from South Indian kannada film industries.