What are machinist 123 blocks used for?

Simply put, a 1-2-3 block is a common shop setup tool usually made of hardened steel that measures 1″ thick × 2″ wide × 3″ long. Machinists use the blocks for myriad machine and inspection setup tasks.

What are the holes in 1-2-3 blocks for?

1-2-3 blocks often feature holes in each face, sometimes threaded, that allow machinists to use the blocks to form elaborate set-up configurations as needed.

What are the holes in Parallels for?

Parallels commonly have a series of holes drilled on the ‘front’ face – allowing them to be used to position a workpiece or secured using t-slot clamps, and a countersink on each side to remove any sharp edges.

What does a 123 block weigh?

These machinist 123 blocks with no holes are heavy-duty, long-lasting, and reliable. Weight: 3.5 lbs.

How are adjustable parallels used?

The parallel is useful as a gage in checking the size of slots and openings. It is also convenient for use in machine vises, for leveling or adjusting work on setups of milling and grinding machines, shapers, planers, drill presses and for many other applications.

What is a gauge block set?

The individual gauge block is a metal or ceramic block that has been precision ground and lapped to a specific thickness. Gauge blocks come in sets of blocks with a range of standard lengths. In use, the blocks are stacked to make up a desired length (or height).

What are 1-2-3 blocks?

What Are 1-2-3 Blocks? 1-2-3 blocks are hardened and ground from steel that measure exactly 1” by 2” by 3”. Each side of the block are ground precisely square and parallel to each other. Multiple holes are drilled into them on each face, some of these holes are threaded, typically every other hole.

How much does a 1-2-3 ultra precision block cost?

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How much does a 1 pair 123 Block cost?

HFS (R) 1 Pair 123 Blocks 1-2-3 Ultra Precision .0002 Hardened Without Holes 4.6 out of 5 stars229 $18.50$18.50

What is the size of a machinist block?

Each block measures 3x2x1 inches, perfect for machinists. The WEN blocks feature five threaded M10-1.5 holes and 18 unthreaded holes. These Anytime Tools Blocks are made of precision ground steel and are case hardened on all six sides. The squareness on all sides is within 0.0001” and the surface finish is from 6 to 16 microinches.