Can I use Shift on my phone?

Shift is a desktop app that’s currently available for download on laptop and desktop computers (Mac and Windows). Shift is not compatible with mobile devices, iPads, tablets, or laptops used in “tablet” mode.

Is there a shift App?

Supershift is great for keeping up with your shift working schedule and all other calendar events in between. With Supershift, scheduling is easy and quick, plus it works with the Apple Watch for a quick view. You can customize shifts with colors and icons and add as many shifts per day as you’d like.

Does shift work on Iphone?

Your shifts are imported to iOS calendar. You can upload your shift schedule to Google Calendar. You can input and view other person’s shift too. Just swipe to the left in the home screen and you can easily check.

Does Shift key have an app for Android?

Our app automatically helps you keep your credentials compliant so the shifts you want are always available. Nurses have scheduled millions of hours throughout the US. Join the movement!

How do you use Shift on Android?


  1. SHIFT KEY position is identified by Black Arrow.
  2. Single Tap on ALT key default position changes its function to SHIFT KEY.
  3. SHIFT KEY let you type alphabets in Capital letters and let you use numerical & symbol keys depends on Gboard settings.

What app do you use for work schedules?

Work Schedule App List

  • WorkTime. WorkTime is a simple-to-use work scheduling app, which provides schedule alerts to remind users when shifts are coming up.
  • When I Work. When I Work is an employee scheduling and time clock app which can be used by up to 75 users.
  • Shiftboard.
  • Get Sling.
  • Shifty.
  • Google Calendar.
  • Doodle.

What is the best Shift Worker app for iPhone?

Can you get fired from ShiftKey?

ShiftKey retains the right to terminate, deactivate, or otherwise restrict you from accessing or using your Account, the Platforms, and/or the Services in the event of a violation or alleged violation of this Agreement, including repeated failures to complete accepted service requests, your disparagement of ShiftKey or …

Is ShiftKey a 1099?

Overall I would recommend Shiftkey to any medical personnel to help facilities in need. They use form 1099, not a W4, so be prepared to save some money for paying your taxes.

Does Shiftkey have an app for Android?

What is shift?

The workstation for productive people. Shift is the desktop app for streamlining your accounts, apps, and workflows.

What is shift scheduler app?

Shift Scheduler. Shift Scheduler is a calendar where you can “paint” your working shifts fast and in a easy way directly in the calendar. After inserting your shift in the calendar, you have a overview over your working days. It is a must have app for barkeepers, policemen, nurses, etc.

What can I do with shift?

Connect all of your apps & extensions. Find anything across your accounts. Collaborate and focus with Workspaces. Streamline & organize work/life/play. No more chaos. Connect all of your email accounts + your favorite web apps and tools to Shift.

How can I make shift a more productive browser?

Add the apps you use most to Shift, and put an end to the logging in, logging out nightmare. Focused browsing by account. The browser was built for browsing; Shift is for work. Try focused web tabs inside Shift for a more productive web experience. Workspaces, your way.