Does Drake own part of the Toronto Raptors?

Fans have been wondering, does Drake own some of the Raptors? It turns out he has an official role within the organization.

Is Drake an ambassador for the Raptors?

Drake has been the Raptors’ global ambassador since 2013 when then-general manager Masai Ujiri brought him into the organization to usher in a new era of Raptors basketball.

Why are the Toronto Raptors not playing in Canada?

Game postponed due to COVID-19 health and safety protocols | Sporting News Canada.

Will Raptors allow fans in Toronto?

The Toronto Raptors will be allowed to return to full capacity at Scotiabank Arena a little earlier than expected. The Ontario Government has expedited its COVID-19 plans and will allow sports venues to return to full capacity starting March 1, two weeks earlier than had previously been announced.

Which NBA team does Jay-Z own?

Jay-Z was seen sitting on the floor at the game between the Brooklyn Nets and Charlotte Hornets. The photo of the famous rapper at the game can be seen in a tweet that is embedded below from the Twitter account of the Nets. He has long been tied to the franchise, because he became a part-owner of the franchise in 2003.

Where do the Raptors play stadium?

Scotiabank ArenaToronto Raptors / Arena/Stadium

What is Drake’s relationship with the Toronto Raptors?

Drake has always loved his hometown basketbal team, the Toronto Raptors. That love turned into a business relationship in 2013 when he was announced as the team’s Global Ambassador.

When do the Toronto Raptors host Welcome Toronto nights?

The first Welcome Toronto night will take place on Jan. 26 when the Raptors host the Utah Jazz. On Wednesday, the Raptors also revealed that Welcome Toronto nights will take place Jan. 28, Feb. 2, March 9, March 23, and April 6.

What does Mas Ujiri think of Drake and the Raptors?

With the Raptors reaching new levels of success for the franchise and the Raptors’ diverse fanbase proving itself one of the most passionate, Ujiri sees the entire momentum of Toronto basketball as an area of strength. “We can’t do it any better than The King of Toronto,” Ujiri said of Drake.

What does Canada Basketball do for the Toronto Raptors?

“Canada Basketball is grateful to the Toronto Raptors for their continued support as one of our longest standing partners,” Michele O’Keefe, president and CEO of Canada Basketball, told “Support like this allows the game of basketball to continue to grow in Canada, from grassroots initiatives to our national programs.”