Who is the owner of Mumbai Mirror?

Mumbai Mirror

The frontpage of Mumbai Mirror on 2 August 2016
Owner(s) The Times Group
Publisher Metropolitan Media Company
Editor Ravi Joshi
Launched 25 May 2005

Why did the Mumbai Mirror stop?

The Times of India Group on Saturday announced that it will stop the publication of Mumbai Mirror and Pune Mirror due to the coronavirus-induced economic crisis. However, Mumbai Mirror will be relaunched as a weekly, and continue to have a strong digital presence, the group said in a statement.

Who is the publisher of Mumbai Mirror?

The Times GroupMumbai Mirror / PublisherBennett, Coleman and Company Limited, is an Indian media conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company remains a family-owned business with Sahu Jain family owning a majority stake in The Times Group. Wikipedia

What is the size of Mumbai Mirror newspaper?

It’s still available in 40mm and 44mm sizes, but the dimensions, screen size and other physical characteristics remain the same.

Who founded Indian Mirror newspaper?

Devendra Nath Tagore
List of Newspapers during Indian Freedom Struggle

Year Name Founder
1862 Indian Mirror Devendra Nath Tagore
1868 Amrita Bazar Patrika Sisir Kumar Ghosh and Motilal Ghosh
1871 Tahzib-ul-Akhlaq Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
1878 Hindu Vir Raghavacharya and G.S. Aiyar

How can I contact Pune Mirror?

Pune Mirror Contact Details

  1. Pune Mirror Phone Number: + (91)- 20 – 30112223.
  2. Fax Number: +91-22-22731269.
  3. Pune Mirror Contact Number: + (91) – 20 – 30112231.
  4. Telephone Number: +91- 20 – 30112224.
  5. Advertising Inquiry Contact Number: +91- 22- 30988309, +91 -22 -22731330.
  6. Print Related Inquiry Contact Number: +91- 22 -30988309.

Did Mumbai Mirror shutdown?

Mumbai Mirror and Pune Mirror, newspaper publications under The Times of India media giant, will shut down. The two newspapers, are closing down due to the impact of the coronavirus-induced economic crisis.

How can I download Mumbai Mirror Epaper?

How to download Mumbai Mirror Epaper PDF?

  1. Firstly, you either scroll down this post or go to Mumbai Mirror epaper official website @ mumbaimirror.indiatimes.com.
  2. Click on your Mumbai Mirror epaper download now link.

Who is the voice editor of India?

Dadabhai Naoroji started the newspaper voice of India. In 1883 he started the Voice of India in Bombay and later incorporated it into the Indian Spectator. The name does justice to his actions as, he contributed articles to newspapers and magazines to create awareness. He also wrote in English journals and magzines.

What is the circulation of the Mirror newspaper in Mumbai?

It has huge circulation in Mumbai. There are various section for advertising in Mirror newspaper. Mirror Newspaper is a part of the newspaper giant Times of India group which also publishes newspapers in many languages and many other periodicals. Bhaves Advertisers books advertisements for Mirror Newspaper.

Which is the best daily newspaper in Mumbai?

Mirror is an English Tabloid daily newspaper. Mirror publishes from Mumbai as Mumbai Mirror, Bangalore as Bangalore Mirror, Pune as Pune Mirror and Ahmedabad as Ahmedabad Mirror. It is popular tabloid daily newspaper in all the four editions. It has huge circulation in Mumbai. There are various section for advertising in Mirror newspaper.

How to advertise in Mirror newspaper?

Choose the Advertisement Category from the list to get your Ad published in appropriate section of Newspaper. You need to Check Mirror Ad Rates which are mentioned in Rupees per square centimeter for the newspaper.

What are the ad rates in mirror?

Advertisement in Mirror are distinguished into three different categories: 1. Classified Ad 2. Display classified Ad 3. Display Ad The Ad Rates in Mirror are different for every categories and it varies from location to location, which means the cost are low in the small cities as compared to that of the metropolitan ones.