When did Zidane join Real Madrid as coach?

January 2016
In 2013 Zidane became an assistant manager at Real Madrid, and the following year he took over managerial duties at Real Madrid Castilla, the top-division club’s reserve team. In January 2016 he was promoted to manager of Real when the club made a mid-season coaching change.

What team does Enzo Zidane play for?

Rodez AF#5 / Midfielder
Rodez AF 2Midfielder
Enzo Fernández/Current teams

Does Zidane son play for Real Madrid?

Luca made his professional debut for Real Madrid in their last league game of the 2017–18 season: a 2–2 La Liga tie with Villarreal CF on 19 May 2018.

How many goals did Zidane scored for Real Madrid?

He scored 31 goals, out of his 108 international outings. Since his retirement, Zidane has actively participated in his beloved game as a manager.

Who was Madrid coach before Zidane?

Manager history

Zinedine Zidane 04 Jan, 2016 14 Jun, 2018
Rafael Benitez 03 Jun, 2015 04 Jan, 2016
Carlo Ancelotti 25 Jun, 2013 01 Jun, 2015
Jose Mourinho 27 May, 2010 03 Jun, 2013

How old was Zidane when he signed for Real Madrid?

On this day, July 9, 19 years ago, Real Madrid completed the signing of then 29-year-old Zinedine Zidane for a record fee of €76m.

Is Zidane Iqbal Pakistani?

Zidane Iqbal’s father belongs to Pakistan and his mother is of Iraqi origin while he himself grew up in Manchester. During an interview with the Manchester United website, Zidane Iqbal expressed pride and honour over his Pakistani heritage.

Does Zidane have a sister?

Lila ZidaneZinedine Zidane / Sister

Who is Luca Zidane father?

Zinedine ZidaneLuca Zidane / Father

How many games did Zidane play for Real Madrid?

Zinedine Zidane

Personal information
1992–1996 Bordeaux 139
1996–2001 Juventus 151
2001–2006 Real Madrid 155
Total 506

Who wore number 5 for Real Madrid?

Zidane, the legend With the No. 5 on his back, Zidane went on to win LaLiga, the FIFA World Player of the Year and a one-off award from UEFA marking him as the best player of the last 50 years.

Who is Real Madrid first coach?

Arthur Johnson
The first full-time manager for Real Madrid was Arthur Johnson. He was signed by one of the founders of Real Madrid, and then director, Adolfo Meléndez, and coached the team for ten seasons, gaining one Spanish Cup.