Who is Iron Lady?

The Iron Lady is a 2011 biographical drama film based on the life and career of Margaret Thatcher, a British politician who was the longest-serving Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of the 20th century and the first woman to hold the office.

What is the job of a Thatcher?

A thatcher (or Thatched Roof Installer) is someone who installs and repairs thatched roofing for homes and businesses. Thatching is a type of roof construction whereby dry vegetation (usually wheat reed or rushes) is used to form the shape of the roof and drain water away down the sides of the building.

How does a Thatcher work?

Thatchers come in several forms, from rake-like tools to pull out and loosen the layer, to gas and electric-powered machines that rake or cut the thatch. All of these machines basically score and lift, reducing the layer of thatch to a healthy thickness.

Is Margaret Thatcher alive?

April 8, 2013Margaret Thatcher / Date of death

Who was prime minister after Margaret Thatcher?

John Major

The Right Honourable Sir John Major KG CH
In office 24 July 1989 – 26 October 1989
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by Geoffrey Howe
Succeeded by Douglas Hurd