Is PF E-nomination mandatory?

e-Nomination Process: EPFO has made the e-nomination process mandatory for account holders to check the PF account balance. New Delhi: The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has recently made the e-nomination process for Provident Fund (PF) account mandatory.

What is new PF rules?

Under the new Income Tax (I-T) Rules, PF accounts will be divided into taxable and non-taxable contribution accounts from April 1, 2022. It also mentioned that all contributions until March 31, 2021, will be treated as non-taxable contributions. The centre had notified new income tax rules in August 2021.

How can I update my e-nomination in EPF online?

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  1. Login at EPFO website —;
  2. Go to ‘Service’ option and select ‘For Employees’;
  3. Click at ‘Member UAN/ Online Service (OCS/OTP)’;
  4. Login with UAN and password;
  5. Select ‘E-nomination’ under ‘Manage’ tab;

What is the last date for EPF nomination?

December 31, 2021
EPFO nomination: How to add nominee to your Provident Fund account. In a tweet last month, the EPFO said subscribers could file the nominations beyond the last date of December 31, 2021, but urged them to do it at the earliest.

What is EPF nomination?

The EPFO said e-nomination is crucial for online payment of PF, pension and the Employees’ Deposit-Linked Insurance Scheme (EDLI) up to ₹7 lakh to eligible family members. The EPFO also said nominations can be updated anytime but it is necessary after marriage.

What is the benefit of e-nomination in EPFO?

EPF ONLINE NOMINATION Online claim settlement upon death of member. Paperless and speedy claim settlement. Online payment of PF and pension. Insurance up to Rs 7 lakh for eligible nominees.

Can PF nomination be changed?

Changing of nomination was done initially using Form 2 which was sent to the EPFO by the employer. The nomination can now be changed online by logging in to the UAN portal and using the UAN and password and using the “Edit Nomination Details” tab.

How can I change my PF nomination?

Steps to Change EPF Nomination Online Step 1:Log in at the UAN portal through the link using the UAN (Universal Account Number) and password. Step 2:On the UAN dashboard, the facility to change details can be accessed under the ‘Profile’ tab through “Edit Nomination Details”.

How can EPF e-nomination be approved?

Step 1: Visit the official EPFO website – Step 2: Touch the ‘ Service’ option available on the homepage. Step 3: Dropbox will appear, choose the ‘For Employees’ option. Step 9: After this, Click ‘Add Family Details’.

How can I update my PF nominee?

What is PF nomination?

EPFO e-Nomination Process: The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) members must note that they can file their nomination for PF, pension (EPS) and insurance (EDLI) benefits online. As per a latest EPFO tweet, 16,58,015 EPF/EPS members have filed e-nomination.

How can I get EPF nomination?

To file e-nomination for PF accounts, EPF members need to visit You need to go to the ‘Services’ section and the ‘Employees’ category. Finally, you need to go to – Member UAN/Online Service.

What is nomination and declaration in EPF form 2?

Each and every employee has to submit a declaration and nomination under the Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme, 1952 and Employees’ Pension Scheme, 1995. The employee has to file a nomination through the EPF Form 2 so that the nominated person gets the fund accumulated in the account in case of unfortunate death of the employee.

Can a minor be a nominee for PF?

In case the nominee is a minor, the member has to furnish details of the guardian who will receive the PF amount In case the member does not have any dependent parents or family as mentioned under para 2 (g) of Employees Provident Fund Scheme 1952, he or she should strike out the sections which are not applicable

What are the different types of nomination forms?

There are three types of nomination forms as listed below: PF Form 2: This is a common form (pension and PF schemes) used for payment of fund amount to the nominees. PF Form 11: This form is a member’s declaration of being employed in a factory/establishment where both the Employees’ Family Pension Fund Scheme and Provident Fund are in force.

How to change nominees in employees pension scheme 1995?

If an employee wishes to change his or her nominees under Employees Pension Scheme 1995, he or she should send a revised Form 2 via the employer. There are three types of nomination forms as listed below: PF Form 2: This is a common form (pension and PF schemes) used for payment of fund amount to the nominees.