Is Nerja Spain worth visiting?

They are well worth a visit as they are quite spectacular 🙂 Who did discover the caves? i was always under the impression it was Ayo and his pals Nerja is dominated by tourists (just because people aren’t Brits doesn’t mean they aren’t tourists!), so is everywhere along the Costa del Sol.

What is Nerja known for?

Nerja is mainly known for its natural beauty, and walking along the Rio Chillar is one of the best opportunities to soak up the gorgeous nature of Spain’s southern coast. Admire the magnificent rock walls, wade through the crystal clear water and dip in one of the pools as a reward for your hike.

Is Costa del Sol easy to drive?

It’s quite easy to get around the Costa del Sol as the A-7 (old N-340) ties the coast together from one end to the other. The AP-7 is a toll motorway running slightly further inland. This makes traveling by car especially easy.

What sea is in Nerja Spain?

Mediterranean Sea
Situated around 50 kilometres east of Málaga, in the Axarquía area, Nerja sits between the peaks of the Sierra Almijara and the Mediterranean Sea.

Which is nicer Estepona or Nerja?

Nerja typically has more tourist animation than Estepona during days and evenings. Nerja has several pretty coves and small beaches, while Estepona has a wide and long stretch of beach. Estepona also has a marina area with boats and restaurants, something Nerja does not have.

Is Nerja pretty?

Nerja is a beautiful traditional Andalusian white town with an incredible crystal clear sea located in the province of Malaga, Southern Spain.

What is the most delicious food in all of Andalusia?

The Star Dish of Andalusia Cuisine: Gazpacho Soup Let’s just start right away with a cold soup, probably the most famous Andalusian dish, if not Spain’s favorite food, the gazpacho! This cold tomato soup can be found in every town, every village thus I cannot attribute it to any province in particular.

Do I need a car in Nerja?

If you stay in Nerja, a rental car is not absolutely necessary. Nerja is a wonderful place to explore on foot. However, if you are planning trips to the surrounding area, a rental car is a good choice. You can rent a rental car upon arrival at Malaga airport.

What side of the road do they drive on in Malaga Spain?

right side
The Spanish drive on the right side of the road.

What time is rush hour in Malaga?

Malaga region is a popular tourist destination. Therefore, we encourage you to plan more time for the road trips, especially during summer. You’d also want to consider the rush hour in and around Malaga city. From 8.30 to 9.30 AM, 1.30 to 3 PM and 7 to 9 PM there are generally more traffic jams.

What are people from Nerja called?

Population (2018)
• Total 21,061
• Density 250/km2 (640/sq mi)
Demonym(s) Nerjeños

Is Nerja Lively?

One of the most beautiful destinations on the Costa del Sol is Nerja. The small town has a lot to offer and, in addition to a lively Spanish culture, the most beautiful beaches in the area.