Is a timber wolf a Lobo?

This shows grade level based on the word’s complexity. noun, plural lo·bos. the gray or timber wolf of the western U.S.

What language does the word lobo come from?

Lobo is a surname found in the Galician, Spanish and Portuguese languages meaning “wolf”, and in other languages with other meanings.

What does the Spanish guy say in no country for old men?

When Luellen goes down to the shootout and encounters the dying dude in the truck, the man says to him “Si abre la puerta, hay lobos”, in English it means “if you open the door, there are wolves”.

What is lobo Filipino?

Definition for the Tagalog word lobo: lobo. [noun] wolf; balloon. Root: lobo.

What is Lobos ethnicity?

Lobo (fem. Loba), (Spanish for “wolf”) is a racial category in the Spanish colonial racial label for a mixed-race casta, far down the racial hierarchy created by the Spanish colonial regime.

What is the real name of Lobo?

Roland Kent LaVoie
Lobo (musician)

Birth name Roland Kent LaVoie
Born July 31, 1943 Tallahassee, Florida, U.S.
Genres Folk rock, soft rock, country pop
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter

What does Los Globos mean in Spanish?

globos See Also in Spanish globo terrestre earth globe globo terráqueo noun globe, earth globo de aire air balloon globo ocular noun eyeball, eyebrow, ball ir en globo verb balloon globo sonda noun balloon probe, sounding balloon Nearby Translations globo ocular globo del tiempo globo del ojo globo de aire caliente globo de aire globo aerostático

What does Los Altos mean in Urban Dictionary?

What does los altos mean? January 29, 2020 AZ Dictionary. los altos in Community Dictionary a town in north cali where most of the people do not have souls, but many money. by Jacque Cleveland Report definition A town within the bay area/silicon valley in north California. It started as a apricot orchard or something like that, and expanded in

What does Los Altos mean in English?

what does los altos mean in english; 3 Answers. Los Altos means “the heights” or ” foothill ” in Spanish. From Gregory’s post, it looks like the name might be referring to the redwood trees surrounding the city. It means “the tall ones”, “las alturas ” would be “the heights”.

What does the Spanish word los labios mean?

It means that although someone may have said something, “lo dijo de los labios para afuera” means that the words certainly came out from his lips, in the end he really didn’t mean it and will not act accordingly. In others words, what he has said is a lie. It means that whatever it´s said, has no real believe to accomplish it, it´s only words.