How do I get alerts from Nunavut?

Access to CFB Alert is by military aircraft, which operate from Canada’s largest air force base at Trenton (Ontario).

  1. 1 Grise Fiord Airport ( YGZ IATA ).
  2. Canadian North. Twice weekly flights from Resolute to Grise Fiord, 90 minutes, from $1550 round trip. ( updated May 2020 )

How cold does it get in Alert Nunavut?

At Alert, the summers are short, very cold, and partly cloudy and the winters are long, frigid, snowy, and overcast. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from -24°F to 41°F and is rarely below -34°F or above 48°F.

What is unique about Alert Nunavut?

Alert, in the Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut, Canada, is the northernmost continuously inhabited place in the world, on Ellesmere Island (Queen Elizabeth Islands) at latitude 82°30’05” north, 817 kilometres (508 mi) from the North Pole. As of the 2016 census, the population was 0.

What is the coldest place in Canada?

Nunavut. In general, according to statistics, Eureka in Nunavut is the coldest place in Canada, with average temperatures hovering around −19.7 °C or −3 °F for the year.

How far from the North Pole is Alert?

817 km
Alert lies just 817 km (508 mi) from the North Pole; the nearest Canadian city is Iqaluit, the capital of the territory of Nunavut, 2,092 km (1,300 mi) away.

How can I get alerts?

For assistance, you can contact us for support or reach out to us directly at [email protected] or (877) 307-9313.

Can civilians go to Alert?

Unfortunately, there would not be an opportunity to travel to Alert unless you were able to fly with the military plane or charter an aircraft. There is only a military base there and no permanent inhabitants. The furthest northern point you could travel to by plane in Nunavut would be Grise Fiord.

Are there people living in Alert?

Once you factor in the snow that falls all year round, the 24 hours of darkness during frigid winter months and the mere 508-mile distance from the North Pole, it’s no wonder that so few people live and work in the northernmost permanently inhabited settlement on Earth – Alert, located in the most northerly Canadian …

What’s the farthest north permanent settlement?

Isolated on the polar archipelago of Svalbard at 78 degrees north, Longyearbyen is the world’s northernmost permanent settlement.