Did the movie Sahara win any awards?

Sahara grossed $119 million worldwide at the box-office, ultimately failing to recoup all of its costs and is often listed among the biggest box-office failures of all-time….Awards.

Award BMI Film & TV Awards
Category Film Music Award
Recipients Clint Mansell
Result Won

Did the BFG win any awards?

1982 Wins Federation of Children’s Book Groups Award (for The BFG) and Massachusetts Children’s Award (for James and the Giant Peach). 1983 Wins New York Times Outstanding Books Award, Federation of Children’s Book Groups Award, and Whitbread Award (all for The Witches).

Is Sahara a sequel?

Sahara: Slithering Light is a 2019 French-Canadian 3D computer animated film and a sequel to Sahara (2017). It was produced by StudioCanal and Mandarian films with Pierre Coré returning to direct. It was released on the 8th of February in France and on Netflix on the 22nd of May.

What were Roald Dahl achievements?

CableACE Award for International Children’s Programming Special or Series
Edgar Award for Best Short StoryEdgar Award for Best Television Episode TeleplayWorld Fantasy Award—Life Achievement
Roald Dahl/Awards

Is Sahara 1943 based on a true story?

The storyline is based on the novel Patrol by Philip MacDonald, and an incident depicted in the 1936 Soviet film The Thirteen by Mikhail Romm….Sahara (1943 American film)

Screenplay by John Howard Lawson Zoltan Korda
Story by Philip MacDonald (as Philip Macdonald)
Based on The Thirteen 1936 Soviet film by Mikhail Romm

Where was 1984 Sahara filmed?

Shooting. Filming began in August with Andrew McLaglen as director. Sahara was partially filmed in the Negev Desert of southern Israel near the city of Elat. The fashions were designed by Valentino, who said 1925 was one of his favourite years: “It was a fantastic moment, full of fantasy and ideas.

What is Roald Dahl’s biggest achievement?

Roald Dahl’s Awards and Achievements

  • 1959 – Second Edgar Allen Poe award and Mystery Writers of America award.
  • 1972 – New England Round Table of Children’s Librarians award for CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY.
  • 1982 – The Federation of Children’s Book Groups award for THE BFG.

How many awards did Roald Dahl get?

His three Edgar Awards were given for: in 1954, the collection Someone Like You; in 1959, the story “The Landlady”; and in 1980, the episode of Tales of the Unexpected based on “Skin”.