How many votes PTI got in 2018 elections?

Election day saw the PTI receive 31.82% of the vote (its highest share of the vote since its foundation), while the PML-N received 24.35%.

Which party won elections of 2008 in Pakistan?

2008 Pakistani general election

Party PPP PML(Q)
Leader since 30 December 2007 1 January 2003
Leader’s seat Did not contest Gujrat-II
Seats won 116 54
Popular vote 10,666,548 7,962,473

What was the voter turnout in the May 11 elections 2013?

^ NNI (21 May 2013). “55.02 percent voter turnout in May 11 elections: ECP”. Pakistan Today. Retrieved 21 May 2013. ^ a b c National Assembly database. “Swing and Party statistics”. National Assembly database.

What happened in the 2013 general election in Pakistan?

The 2013 general election marks a historic victory for the democratic life on their country. Despite an extremely difficult security environment and threats from extremists, voters turned out in unprecedented numbers with many Pakistani citizens voting for the first time.

Did the 2013 elections result indicate a close contest?

“Elections 2013: survey indicates close contest”. Dawn. Retrieved 18 April 2013. ^ Iqbal, Myra (22 December 2012). “2013 polls: For fairer elections, engage the youth and ensure women participation”.

How many seats did Nawaz Sharif get in 2013 general elections?

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