Do I need Microsoft System CLR Types for SQL Server 2012?

Note: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Data-tier Application Framework requires Microsoft SQL Server System CLR Types, and Microsoft SQL Server Transact-SQL ScriptDom both of which are available on this page. The SQL Server Transact-SQL Language Service is a component based on the .

What are CLR types for SQL Server?


  • Stored procedures (SPs) which are analogous to procedures or void functions in procedural languages like VB or C,
  • Triggers which are stored procedures that fire in response to Data Manipulation Language (DML) or Data Definition Language (DDL) events,

What is CLR SQL Server 2012?

SQL CLR is a tiny version of the . NET CLR that is integrated into the SQL Server 2005 and onwards. The existence of CLR in SQL Server allows the C# programmers and other . NET compliant language programmers to write database specific business logic in a programming language like C# instead of T-SQL.

What are CLR functions in SQL Server?

CLR functions can be used to access external resources such as files, network resources, Web Services, other databases (including remote instances of SQL Server). This can be achieved by using various classes in the . NET Framework, such as System.IO , System.

What are CLR assemblies?

An assembly is a DLL file used to deploy functions, stored procedures, triggers, user-defined aggregates, and user-defined types that are written in one of the managed code languages hosted by the Microsoft . NET Framework common language runtime (CLR), instead of in Transact-SQL.

What is a CLR stored procedure?

What are the CLR Stored procedures. The CLR is a common language runtime, and the SQL Server stored procedures are a collection of the SQL Queries and the command logic. The stored procedures are compiled and stored in the database. The CLR stored procedures are the combination of the CLR and stored procedure.