Why is it called a brasserie?

The term brasserie is French for “brewery”, from Middle French brasser “to brew”, from Old French bracier, from Vulgar Latin braciare, of Celtic origin. Its first usage in English was in 1864.

What are salons in France?

In 18th century France, salons were organised gatherings hosted in private homes, usually by prominent women. Individuals who attended often discussed literature or shared their views and opinions on topics from science to politics.

What are restaurants in France called?

French restaurants today are usually in one of three categories: the bistro, or brasserie, a simple, informal, and inexpensive establishment; the medium-priced restaurant; and the more elegant grand restaurant, where the most intricate dishes are executed and served in luxurious surroundings.

What is a brasserie in cooking?

Definition of brasserie : an informal usually French restaurant serving simple hearty food.

What does Cote brasserie mean in French?

English translation: ‘pub grub’ / bar food.

Why are salons called salons?

The word salon first appeared in France in 1664 (from the Italian word salone, itself from sala, the large reception hall of Italian mansions). Literary gatherings before this were often referred to by using the name of the room in which they occurred, like cabinet, réduit, ruelle, and alcôve.

What do the French call pubs?


From To Via
• pub → aubergetaverne ↔ Beiz
• pub → brasserie ↔ Bierlokal
• pub → brasserie ↔ Bierstube
• pub → bistrobistrot ↔ Kneipe

What is a simple French restaurant called?

Bistro. Bistros are intimate, usually family-owned restaurants that serve traditional fare and French wine. You’ll find casual menu items that also show up in brasseries, as well as tartes, braises and stews.

What do you call a bar in France?

More French words for bar. le bar noun. bass, saloon, inn, cabaret, public house. la barre noun.

What’s the difference between a bistro and brasserie?

Actually, if you are a French speaker, a bistro is just a bar/café, and a brasserie is a large café that serves meals at all hours. For some reason, English speakers have transformed the ‘bistro’ word to mean ‘small restaurant. ‘

What is the meaning of saloon?

Definition of saloon. 1a chiefly British : salon sense 1. b chiefly British : an often elaborately decorated public hall. c(1) : a usually large public cabin on a ship (as for dining)

What is a saloon car?

saloon noun [ C ] (CAR) › UK US sedan a car with seats for four or five people, two or four doors, and a separate area at the back for bags, boxes, and suitcases: a family saloon.

What is the meaning of the word salon?

Definition of Salon. ( noun) – Salon, from the French word salon (a living room or parlor), means a conversational gathering. Usually, this is a select group of intellectuals, artists, and politicians who meet in the private residence of a socially influential (and often wealthy) person.

What does a modern saloon look like?

— Judy Koutsky, Forbes, 6 Sep. 2021 As standard, the contemporary main saloon has a light, airy feel and flows through to the galley aft. — Rachel Cormack, Robb Report, 1 Dec. 2021 The Esquire is a study in evolution, from the dark and rowdy saloon of yesteryear to a respectable bar and grill more recently.