Why did Tinky Winky go to jail?

Former children’s television star Tinky Winky was arrested late last night, following a vice raid of a theater specializing in pornographic films. A police statement described Mr. Winky as “behaving in a manner unfit for public display, during a showing of Girl-on-Girl Harbor.”

Why did Tinky Winky get fired?

Teletubbies ‘Tinky Winky’ actor Dave Thompson was reportedly sacked from the show for displaying ‘non-acceptable’ behaviour back in 1997. Comedian Dave Thompson was the first actor to put on the famous purple Tiny Winky costume.

What happened to the Teletubbies actor?

Tragically, Simon was found dead from hypothermia in Liverpool in January 2018 at the age of just 52 years old. He had a high concentration of booze in his system and had known to have had problems with alcohol.

Did one of the Teletubbies died?

Simon Shelton
Born 13 January 1966 London, England
Died 17 January 2018 (aged 52) Liverpool, England
Occupation Actor
Years active 1988–2018

Where is Tinky Winky now?

Now happily married to an interior designer named Peter, Tinky Winky truly seems to have it all. He’s often referred to as the Philip Treacy of handbags and we’re inclined to agree, with stores such as Penneys, Dunnes and TK Maxx stocking his beautiful bags.

How did the purple Teletubby died?

On 17 January 2018, four days after his 52nd birthday, he was found dead in a well near the Port of Liverpool Building in Liverpool. His cause of death was hypothermia and he had a high concentration of alcohol in his system.

What happened to Tinky Winky?

After news broke of Simon’s death appearances of Tinky Winky were cancelled at the Toy Fair 2018. CBeebies also tweeted: “Very sad to hear Teletubbies actor Simon Shelton who played Tinky Winky has passed away. Tubby hugs.”

Who played Tinky Winky on the Teletubbies?

Shelton was a ballet dancer and choreographer before he was cast on “Teletubbies” as purple, purse-carrying Tinky Winky in 1998. He was the second actor cast in the role; the o riginal actor, Dave Thompson, was canned in 1997.

What color is Tinky Winky’s head?

Tinky Winky wasthe largest and oldest of the group of Teletubbies. He was purple and has a triangular antenna on his head and almost always seen carrying a red bag.