Who is Peter Dashie?

Peter Chao the Delivery Boy is one of Dashie’s rivals. Only shown in his main channel DashieXP, Peter is known for always conveniently delivering Dashie food whenever he orders food services in hotels. His first appearance starts in DashieXP’s short series CHINESE BEEF!.

Are Dashie and Cory friends?

“CoryxKenshin” Dashie and I Are No Longer Friends After This – Ghost Recon: Breakpoint #2 (TV Episode 2019) – IMDb.

What is Berleezy real name?

Berlin Edmond
Berlin Edmond (born: December 16, 1992 (1992-12-16) [age 29]), better known online as Berleezy, is an American YouTuber who mainly uploads comedy videos which is him roasting cartoon characters.

Who is DashieGames best friend?

Chris is one of Dashie’s friends who doesn’t talk much and has never been seen, but can be heard in a few of Dashie’s older gameplays. Dashie refers to him as The Homie Chriugh (pronounced “krill”).

What is dashie’s dog’s name?

Dashie has never been seen without a hat. A fake video tried to depict Charlie without one but people realised it’s lack of authenticity, and Dashie used his main channel to post a comment on the video which simply read: ‘fake.’ Dashie has a pet Chihuahua named BB.

How old is dashie the Dragon?

Dashie is at least over 1 billion seconds years old if you calculate it using his minimum generally agreed age, though his exact and confirmed age is disputed. Dashie is bilingual, and can quite surprisingly speak Spanish.

What happened to dashie’s YouTube channel?

This channel was abandoned for an unknown cause, however. Charlie describes it as a channel for “random-ass videos”. This channel is the current channel were Dashie uploads his comedy sketches, and it is his first YouTube channel.

Does dashie smoke or drink alcohol?

Dashie does not smoke or drink but is slightly overweight and short. This may be because Dashie does not eat nutritionally. Dashie has never been seen without a hat.