Where is Jessica McClure now?

Jessica McClure Morales still lives in the Midland area, working as a special-education teacher’s aide in an elementary school. She’s married to her husband, Danny, who works as a foreman in a pipe supply company. The couple has two children, Simon, 10 and Sheyenne, 8.

Where can I watch the Jessica McClure story?

Currently you are able to watch “Everybody’s Baby: The Rescue of Jessica McClure” streaming on Tubi TV, The Roku Channel, Redbox, FILMRISE, IMDB TV Amazon Channel for free with ads.

What happened to little Jessica that fell down the well?

Due to her foot hanging above her during the ordeal, she lost a toe to gangrene and had to have her entire foot reconstructed. She was also left with a small diagonal scar from her hairline to the bridge of her nose. Two and a half years after the accident, Jessica’s parents filed for divorce.

What happened to Jessica who fell down the well?

Jessica had to undergo 15 surgeries after escaping the well, and today her right foot is still smaller than her left due to losing a small toe to gangrene. There’s also still a faint sign of the scar on her forehead that she got from rubbing against the well when she fell asleep.

How did they save Baby Jessica?

The incident occurred in Midland, Texas, where firemen and police developed a plan to drill a parallel shaft to the well where Jessica was lodged—and drill another horizontal cross-tunnel to rescue her.

How did Jessica fall in the well?

Using a large rat-hole rig, a machine normally used to plant telephone poles in the ground, rescue teams drilled a 30-inch wide, 29-foot deep hole parallel to the well. They then began the difficult process of drilling a horizontal tunnel between the two wells about two feet below where Baby Jessica was trapped.

What happened in the tunnel movie?

The Tunnel was a 90-minute black-and-white documentary film that chronicled how three West Berlin university students organized the escape of 26 friends and family members by digging a tunnel underneath the Berlin Wall from a former factory in West Berlin into the Communist East.

Is the tunnel series worth watching?

The tunnel series is addictive- Well acted , real performances!! Granted we have not watched the Scandi version of this series- But my Husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this series right through to the suspenseful end in season 3.

Who was the narrator of the tunnel on TV?

Produced by Reuven Frank and narrated by Piers Anderton, it was an NBC White Paper installment that was broadcast on December 10, 1962, and sponsored by the Gulf Oil Corporation. The Tunnel earned three Emmy Awards in 1963.

Is there a documentary about the escape from the Stasi?

Later, in 2019, the BBC released a ten-part radio documentary about the escape, based on original interviews with the survivors, documents from the Stasi archives, and the NBC recordings.