What are the two types of roller blades?

Basic types of in-line skates

  • Fitness skates. – most common type.
  • Freestyle skates. -primarily made for trick ride (dance, jumps, backride, tricks, slalom, free jump etc.)
  • Aggressive skates.
  • Speed skates.
  • Semi-race skates.
  • Trekking skates.
  • Nordic/off-road/terrain skates.
  • Hockey inline skates.

What are PU wheels on rollerblades?

Polyurethane skate wheels are an ideal choice for inline skating boots and wheels. When it comes to skating, our polyurethane skate wheels are relatively indestructible, flexible, resilient and durable.

How hard should outdoor roller skate wheels be?

In general, outdoor skate wheels are usually within the 74A to 84A range on the durometer scale. For comparison, indoor skates are, on average, in the 84A to 106A range.

Can you use inline wheels on roller skates?

Wheels used for inline skates range in size from approximately 60mm-125mm. Small wheels will provide the maneuverability needed for aggressive skating, figure skating, roller dancing, and hockey.

Are roller blades a type of skate?

Inline skates explained Inline skates, or rollerblades as you might know them to feature a single frame that covers the length of the sole. The frame can have anything from three to five wheels, although most skates feature four wheels. The upper boot is supportive and provides a tight, snug fit.

What are recreational roller blades?

Recreational skates will typically have a soft boot construction. This type of boot is constructed of reinforced mesh and cloth with hard plastic cuffs in the back for support. Soft boot construction allows for a more comfortable skate that is also lighter and more breathable.

Are PU wheels rubber?

Polyurethane (PU) wheels are a unique product that offers the elasticity of rubber wheels combined with the toughness and durability of metal wheels. This makes polyurethane the perfect tread for transportation wheels, traction wheels and guiding rollers.

Why are the type and size important in Rollerblade wheels?

So, why are the type and size important in rollerblade wheels. You should note that the wheels of your rollerblades are designed by combining different properties to accommodate the various skill levels and different sizes of the skaters.

What are the basic components of roller skate wheels?

Irrespective of the design, all skating wheels include bearings, polyurethane, spacers, and hub as basic components. Further, the design of wheels follows industry standards for the discipline. As bearings are one of most important components make sure you check our post: How to Choose Roller Skate Wheels Bearings?

What kind of rubber are door rollers made of?

Install a door without needing a second person to hold it upright or leaning it against a wall. Made of neoprene rubber, these rollers resist oil, flames, gasoline, and weather. A slippery UHMW polyethylene surface means these rollers won’t stick to adjacent parts.

What are large diameter rollers used for?

Large diameter rollers are axle mounted and roll like wheels. Use these dollies to move bulky loads. A handle allows for easy steering and turning. These dollies are designed to make turning easy. Maneuver machines and heavy loads into confined spaces.