How many Lutheran churches are there in Australia?

540 congregations
The Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) is the major Lutheran denomination in Australia and New Zealand. It counts 540 congregations and 30,026 members according to official statistics.

How many Lutherans are in South Australia?

Census report. The 1996 Australian census reports the number of Lutherans in South Australia as 71,397, approximately five per cent of the population.

What is the difference between ELCA and LCMC?

LCMC is congregational in structure, rejecting the historic episcopate which was adopted by the ELCA, the denomination to which many LCMC members had previously belonged, in the Called to Common Mission agreement. The beliefs of the LCMC are based on the Bible and the Lutheran confessions in the Book of Concord.

Why did the Lutherans come to South Australia?

The first group of 21 Lutherans arrived on the Bengalee on 18 November followed two days later by the main group on the Prince George. They came to escape religious persecution at home, and Kavel settled them at Klemzig with the help of George Fife Angas.

When did Lutherans enter South Australia?

The Lutheran Church in Australia had begun in 1838 with the arrival of about 500 migrants from Prussia, led by their Pastor, August Kavel. They were sponsored personally by George Fife Angas of the South Australian Company, who had taken pity on their religious plight and the persecution they were facing in Prussia.

Why are there so many Germans in South Australia?

By the First World War 10% of South Australians were of German descent. As farm workers in particular, the German immigrants were valued for their steady industriousness, and the origins of South Australia’s wine industry are credited with individual German families.

How many Lutheran churches are there in South Australia?

The Lutheran Church of Australia, South Australia – Northern Territory District, encompasses some 180 congregations and 50 parishes. It is home to more than 140 active pastors, which does not include many emeriti pastors in both states.

Are there any Lutheran churches in SA-NT?

The Lutheran churches in the SA-NT District would love to welcome you and your loved ones, whether you’re regular church-goers or have never been before. Find a Christmas service and other festive events at a location near you by clicking on the link below to download the list.

Is there an LCA professional standards officer in South Australia?

There is a Professional Standards Officer in every district of the LCA, including South Australia and the Northern Territory. The Professional Standards Department:

Who was the first Aboriginal person ordained in the Lutheran Church?

Dr George Rosendale, the first Aboriginal person ordained in the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA), died on 11 September, three weeks after the 50th anniversary of his ordination. He was 89.