When are elective C-sections booked?

A caesarean may be recommended as a planned (elective) procedure or done in an emergency if it’s thought a vaginal birth is too risky. Planned caesareans are usually done from the 39th week of pregnancy.

How far in advance are C-sections scheduled?

If you’re planning to schedule a c-section, talk to your provider about waiting until at least 39 weeks of pregnancy. This gives your baby the time she needs to grow and develop before she’s born.

What drugs are given before c-section?

The safest form of anesthesia for Cesarean section is a spinal anesthetic. All spinal anesthetics contain a local anesthetic and/or a narcotic. A drug named bupivacaine is the most commonly used local anesthetic in spinal anesthetics for Cesarean deliveries in North America.

Are C-sections usually scheduled before due date?

It’s not always possible to choose the date for your c-section. When you do have the option, talk with your doctor about the best time for delivery, and share your own personal wishes. Most of the time, a c-section should not be scheduled until you have reached 39 weeks.

Can I have elective C-section at 37 weeks?

“The rate of respiratory problems is 10% for elective C-section at 37 weeks, but it is 2.8% for intended vaginal deliveries. That is why we say you should never do elective cesarean section at 37 weeks.”

What if you go into labor before scheduled C-section?

What happens if I go into labour first? About 1 in 10 women whose planned caesareans are scheduled for 39 weeks will go into labour first. That means their waters break or their contractions start. If this happens, you will have an emergency rather than a planned caesarean.

Can I schedule C-section at 38 weeks?

Kirkeby Hansen advises women seeking elective C-section to wait until the 39th week of their pregnancy. “A woman should make sure she is not having her C-section too early. She should put her foot down and not have it at 37 or 38 weeks just because this fits into the hospital’s plan,” she says.

What tests are done before C-section?

The following laboratory studies may be obtained prior to cesarean delivery:

  • Complete blood count.
  • Blood type and screen, cross-match.
  • Screening tests for human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B, syphilis.
  • Coagulation studies (eg, prothrombin and activated partial thromboplastin times, fibrinogen level)

Can I have c-section at 38 weeks?

Caesarean sections should ideally be performed as near the due date as possible to avoid complications. But a new study shows that there is no significant difference between performing an elective Caesarean section in week 38 and 39. In some cases it may actually be better to get it done a little earlier.

Can c-section be done at 38 weeks?

What is an elective C-section?

An elective C- section is performed in the absence of any of these indications. Patients may opt for a C-section if they have a health condition such as high blood pressure or if a previous Cesarean means a future vaginal birth is associated with a degree of risk.

When do you have to have a C-section during labor?

If the buttocks have moved into the birth canal first (breech position) or the baby is positioned on its side (transverse position), then a C-section may be advised. Reasons for elective C-section. An elective C- section is performed in the absence of any of these indications.

Should I schedule my C-section surgery in advance?

When that surgery is scheduled in advance, such as a planned cesarean, it gives you plenty of time to ponder, think, and worry about whether or not everything will work out for you in regards to pain management.

When is an emergency C-section needed?

In the case of a planned C-section, when the procedure is scheduled for a particular date, the term “elective C-section” is used. Some of the reasons an emergency C-section may be required include: Fetal distress ─ If the baby is not receiving enough oxygen or the heart rate is increasing.