What is the meaning of Rajinama?

raji-nama. [H.] n. An agreement, compounding a matter in dispute, reconciliation. Resignation.

What is mean by resignation in Marathi?

English to Marathi Meaning :: resignation. Resignation : राजीनामा Pronunciation: Add to Favorite: Details : राजिनामा देणे, राजीनामापत्र, निमूटपणे सहन करणे, आलेल्या भोगाला सादर होणे Resignation – राजीनामा Resignation :: राजीनामा Resignations :: राजीनामे

What is Istifa English?

/istīphā denā/ resign intransitive verb. If you resign from a job or position, you formally announce that you are leaving it.

What is the meaning of Foetus in Marathi?

पेट का बच्चा ⇄ foetus. भ्रूण ⇄ foetus.

What is the meaning of amicable settlement?

relating to an agreement or decision that is achieved without people arguing or being unpleasant: Few people have amicable divorces. Eventually we reached an amicable settlement. Friendly.

What is meant by relieving letter?

Relieving letter is the formal way of informing the employee that his/her resignation has been accepted and he is relieved from his responsibilities and duties he/she was bound with subject to the contract of employment signed by him/her.

What is the meaning of Istifa in Urdu?

Istifa is a Muslim baby Boy name, it is an Urdu originated name. Istifa name meaning is To choose, to prefer and the lucky number associated with Istifa is 9.

What is Katarungang Pambarangay law?

The Katarungang Pambarangay Law provides for local disputes which fall under its jurisdiction to be resolved through mediation, conciliation, or arbitration by the Lupong Tagapamayapa of which the Punong Barangay is the Chairman.

What is Lupon ng barangay?

The Lupon Tagapamayapa is the body that comprises the barangay justice system and on it sit the barangay captain and 10 to 20 members. The body is normally constituted every three years and holds office until a new body is constituted in the third year.