What is the Car2Go app?

Car2go was unique because its service functioned more similarly to scooter sharing services like Bird scooters than to peer-to-peer car rental companies like Turo and Fair. Car2go’s own fleet of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and Smart cars could be unlocked through your app just by beginning a trip.

What happened to the Car2Go digital screen?

SHARE NOW has completely removed the car2go fleet’s digital screens, which were used to start and end trips. Now, users just need to enable their Bluetooth, input their PIN, and stand next to a SHARE NOW car for a completely keyless entry that automatically begins your trip.

Where is Car2Go available in Europe?

Now that car2go and DriveNow’s markets are combined in the SHARE NOW platform, the car-sharing service is available in 26 European and North American cities across 14 countries. The United States and Canada currently do not have access to SHARE NOW’s electric fleet, while all European cities except Frankfurt, Florence, and Turin can rent electric.

What happened to car2go in Chicago?

Car2go was in the news throughout early to mid-2019 for pulling its operations from a handful of major cities, including Austin, Portland, Denver, San Diego, and Toronto. By December, its fleet of cars will no longer be in Chicago either.

The Car2Go app has a ratings and reviews system in place to make sure that all cars in the fleet are adequately neat and clean. This monitoring effort helps renters to have a positive experience. Car2Go is partnering with BMW’s DriveNow service to form Share Now. This was announced in February 2019.

What is your review of icar2go?

Car2Go was super helpful for my friends and I freshman year of college when we did not have a car to get to the store. They are super easy to rent, and you do not even have to plan very far ahead! You just have to find a car near you, then you are in business.

Is car2go a good place to rent a car?

I rented from car2go about 3 weeks ago, at first it was all fine & dandy because the car was foreign, nice and clean. but when my time was up I was very confused as to where to park the car.

What are your worst experiences with Car2Go?

I had one of the worst experiences ever with this service. I reserved a car in Brooklyn to get to a business meeting that was about an hour away. Since this was my first time using Car2go and I wasn’t sure exactly how it would go, I gave my self 3 hours to get to the meeting.