What does an Modh coinníollach mean in Irish?

An Modh Coinníollach is the Irish equivalent of saying you ‘would’ do something. E.g. ‘I would clean the car’ or ‘I would break my arm’. You add a seimhiú to verbs beginning with constantants.

How do you form verbs in the conditional mode in Irish?

If you know how to form the past tense and the future tense of regular Irish verbs, you’re more than halfway to knowing how to form verbs in the conditional mode. First, change the beginning For independent verb forms* in the modh coinníollach,the beginning of the word is the same as it is in the past tense.

How do you change the conditional mood in English grammar?

In making affirmative statements in the conditional mood, changes are made at both the beginning and the end of the verb. The changes made at the beginning of the verb are the same as in the past tense.