Is electronic shifting worth the money?

“It’s great if you have injuries, injured hands, anything that can make it hard to ride a bike, electronic shifting can help. It works the same if you have cold hands or big gloves too. If you don’t need dexterity because it’s so easy.”

Is SRAM AXS worth the money?

When you look at GX AXS as a high end groupset, it offers tremendous value, especially when compared to X01 and XX1 AXS. While GX AXS is definitely still somewhat of a top shelf item in the bike world, it does make wireless shifting more accessible to the masses, and there’s no arguing the value that it presents!

How long does a SRAM battery last?

The front (if applicable) and rear derailleurs each have one rechargeable lithium-ion battery. These batteries last about 60 riding hours on a full charge. A full battery charge takes about 1 hour and is done using the eTap USB charging cradle.

Do pro riders use electronic shifting?

Professional cyclists race on electronic drivetrains throughout the season, but once or twice a year you’ll see some of them swap back to mechanical gearing for the cobbled classics (e.g. Paris-Roubaix).

Is RockShox owned by SRAM?

In 2002, SRAM acquired suspension manufacturer, RockShox. RockShox was one of the most recognizable brands in cycling and an industry innovator who introduced suspension and reshaped mountain biking for the entire world. Avid was SRAM’s next acquisition in the spring of 2004.

How long do SRAM AXS batteries last?

These batteries last about 60 riding hours on a full charge. A full battery charge takes about 1 hour and is done using the eTap USB charging cradle. Batteries installed with a simple latch, and batteries are interchangeable from front to rear derailleur.

Is SRAM eagle worth?

Overall, I really liked the revised GX Eagle gearing. While that 52t cog might not see quite as much action as the previous 50t, it’s nice to know it’s there for when it’s really needed. Even after a couple of months, shifting continues to feel smooth and accurate, and it all comes in at a reasonable price.

What is SRAM’s wireless mountain bike drivetrain?

SRAM’s wireless electronic mountain bike drivetrain has been in development for more than six years. SRAM’s engineers started the project about the same they began developing Eagle, the latter of which they prioritized, pushing development of the electronic drivetrain to the back burner.

Is SRAM working on a new e-bike motor?

Those who have been around long enough may recall SRAM’s short-lived SPARC motor, which launched in 2002. If SRAM is working on a new e-bike motor, this won’t be its first. Way back in 2002, SRAM released its hub-based SPARC motor system, though this was aimed primarily at commuters.

How do I charge my SRAM battery?

SRAM batteries are literally a snap to remove and charge. Just flip the tool-free battery latch up and slide the battery up and out of the derailleur. Then snap the battery into the USB powered charger and connect the charger to any USB power source or A/C USB adaptor. A full charge takes up to 60 minutes to complete.

What is SRAM’s E Eagle AXS?

Eagle AXS is the name of SRAM’s new 1×12-speed, wireless electronic mountain bike derailleur and shifter—part of SRAM’s larger rollout of the AXS ecosystem of components that includes the new Red eTap AXS drivetrain and the RockShox Reverb AXS dropper post.